X has unveiled a new premium subscription plan, including an ad-free tier for $16 a month.

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While CEO of Twitter/X Linda Iaccarino claimed That the beleaguered social network’s revenue is growing and — including debt servicing costs — that the company is cash-flow positive, outside observers see. Twitter, aka X, is losing money hand over fist. Since Elon Musk came up with social networks, Twitter’s ad revenue fell 60%. what do you do Start charging to use the service.

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In an effort to diversify its revenue streams and offer enhanced features to its user base, Twitter has launched a new opt-in paid subscription model called “X premium.” Replacing the Twitter Blue subscription plan, this new feature offers users the option to enjoy an ad-free experience on the network. X is also testing a $1-a-year fee to post and respond to posts on the platform.

X Premium has three tiers: Basic, Premium and Premium+. Basic starts at $3/month or $32/year; Premiums start at $8/month or $84/year; And Premium+ starts at $16/month or $168/year.

All X Premium subscribers will have access to the following features:

  • Edit Post: This gives you a window of one hour to make any changes to published posts Use it to update, tag someone, or rearrange your connected media
  • Undo Post: This gives you the option to undo a post after it’s been sent but before it’s visible to others
  • Text Formatting: Now, you can bold and italicize text in your posts.
  • Long posts: Instead of 280-character posts, you can post up to 25,000 characters.
  • Long video upload: Premium subscribers can upload up to 3 hours of video and up to 8GB file size (1080p).
  • Prioritized Ranking in Answers: Posts you interact with will get a small boost in their ranking. Additionally, your answers will get a boost that places them closer to the top.
  • Subscribers will appear in the Verified tab within the Notifications tab of other users, which highlights replies, mentions and engagements from premium subscribers.
  • SMS Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): As a customer, you can protect your account by texting 2FA.
  • Encrypted Direct Messages: Premium subscribers can get started Encrypted direct messages With other premium accounts.

The three levels bring some differences, of course:

  • Basic subscribers get a small boost for their answers.
  • Premium subscribers get a bigger boost for their answers
  • Premium+ subscribers get the biggest boost for their answers.
  • Normal non-subscribers will not get any boost.

Some of these features were built on Twitter. For example, 2FA, an essential tool to protect your account from hackers, used to be free.

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At higher levels, you can verify with a blue checkmark. This means Twitter has verified you as a significant user. However, now anyone can have one, theirs Social cache collapses. In fact, you can refuse to show the checkmark even if you qualify.

Of interest to most users, the more you pay, the less ads you see. Premium tier subscribers see about 50% fewer ads. Premium+ tier subscribers will not see any ads. Users who do not opt ​​out of subscription will continue to see ads as usual. X has not said whether it will change ad frequency or type for non-subscribing users.

Ironically, with these top two subscriptions, you can monetize your posts with. Advertising revenue sharing And Creator membership.

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These subscriptions are available on both the X mobile app and its web platform. It remains to be seen how this launch will affect the overall X experience and whether a significant portion of its user base will opt for these new paid services. According to statistics from Stastia, Twitter Blue had 640,000 subscribers. Out of a total of 225 million users, it’s not that many.

Of course, if this new plan doesn’t bring in cash, Musk is toying with the idea of ​​switching all Twitter users. Stay tuned, folks.

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