Why You Get Rejected From Jobs You’re 100% Qualified For

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You got a job and it was a great fit. You’ve prepared your resume, written a polished cover letter, and submitted your job application with high hopes. After a few days or weeks, you get a rejection email. You were 100% qualified for the job. So why did you get rejected?

The bushel-of-apples effect

You don’t get interviews for jobs you’re 100% qualified for because of the apple effect when you apply online.

Think of it this way. you go into the store and decide to buy an apple. It’s all you have an appetite for, and it’s all you can afford. You walk into the produce section and see a large bush of apples. They all look good. They are all about the same size and the same color. But you only get to choose one. So what are you doing? If you are really hungry, you may decide to choose a slightly larger apple. Or if you like a particular color, you pick that one and discriminate against all the other apples that are perfectly fine and worth picking, but you can only pick one.

That’s what employers need to do right now. And because of applicant tracking systems (ATS), they get thousands of applicants, not 10, not 15, thousands. This is why you keep getting rejected. It’s not that you’re not qualified for the job. it’s the apple bush effect. You must understand that the way to be chosen is not to be in the pile; You have to bypass the system. You need to be able to connect directly so that your message reaches the hiring manager and they can remove you from the stack.

This is what most job seekers today don’t understand. That easy apply button and those online applications actually make the job search harder because they make it possible for anyone to apply. You’ll have to work extra hard to find a good job, which means you’ll have to be more selective about who you apply to. Once you learn how to conduct an active job search (job shopping instead of job hunting), you can be much more intentional. You can choose who you want to work for, and you can go about it in a different way so that you get picked out of the pile.

You are not alone my friend. That apple jam effect is just killing your chances in bidder tracking systems, and it’s going to take something else to get better results.

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