What Job Seekers Need To Do Before Accepting A Job Offer

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So you make it to the final round of interviews and the hiring manager offers you the job. Before accepting a job offer, there’s one thing you should do to make sure you’re making the right career decision.

What you should do before accepting a job offer

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If you are at the end of a job interview and it is clear that the employer is interested in you and will likely offer you the job, you should not accept the job offer until you have done your homework.

For starters, there are sites like: Glass door and: Comparatively that do tons of research and get anonymous reviews so you can find out what’s going on at the company. You want to work for companies that have at least a 3.5 star rating or higher. But more importantly, at some point in the job interview, you can (and should) say: “I would like to speak with a colleague. I would like to talk to someone who would be my age.”

When you meet a potential partner, ask them the following questions:

  • What made you decide to work here?
  • What do you like most about working here?
  • What do you think it takes to be successful here?
  • What advice do you wish you had been given before working here?
  • What are the things you wish you knew when you took the job vs. now?

Find a way to ask these questions with enthusiasm and a smile on your face. And how they react will tell you everything. If they hesitate, purse their lips, look down, and barely respond, that’s a red flag. This is a sign that you should not accept the job offer.

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