What is 5G Home Internet? Here’s what you need to know before you sign up

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Because it still has very limited availability, 5G home internet is best suited for people living in areas with strong cell service and 5G coverage. In this situation, it can provide a reliable connection with few outages (depending on the ISP) and strong speed at a low price.

“For a real estate professional like myself, the pros outweigh the cons,” says Lippi “The blazing speed allows me to easily work remotely, conduct snappy video calls, download large files quickly and stream data seamlessly. While 5G has some coverage limitations, the fast connection provides a big competitive edge. Some of the highlights are A small price. Salary.”

From personal experience, I have found 5G home internet to be faster and offer more consistent service than our previous ISP (cable company). Before the switch, we were plagued with constant service outages that interrupted our work since my husband and I had remote jobs. While I will never go back to cable company internet service for our family, I will switch to optical fiber as 5G home internet is not without its drawbacks.

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“My experience suggests that this can be an excellent option if you demand speed and flexibility and are tired of traditional ISP’s service. However, your location and specific connection needs should guide your decision,” says Smigel.

We chose T-Mobile as our ISP for 5G home internet and have only experienced about three or four outages since starting our service about nine months ago. The outage was caused by working on their cell towers. Unfortunately, our phones also use the T-Mobile network, so we found ourselves without the ability to use our mobile hotspot for home internet and work.

My experience should be taken with a grain of salt, because I’m just a customer, and who’s to say this doesn’t happen with traditional ISPs? Either way, we’re seeing far fewer internet outages now than the cable companies.

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