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8 Things Every Bookworm Finds Annoying

Nov 6, 2023

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Annoying Habits Book Readers Hate

Here are eight common actions that irritate book lovers and why.​

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Asking For Their Book

Because they see books as priceless possessions, bookworms are fiercely protective of their collection. They are reluctant to lend out their books for fear that they will be misplaced, destroyed, or never come back.

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Revealing Plot Twists

Bookworms take pleasure in uncovering the mysteries and delights found within a book. They hate it when someone gives away a book's twist or resolution because it takes away from their sense of wonder and anticipation.

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Interrupting While Reading

Since reading demands focus and attention and requires stopping to address distractions, bookworms prefer to read in silence and without interruption. This may make them feel down and make them stop caring about the book.

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Judging Their Choices

Bookworms feel that everyone has the right to read whatever they want, without bias or condemnation, and they detest it when people make assumptions about them based only on the books they choose to read.

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Comparing Books With Films

Bookworms dislike it when people compare books to films or television shows because they believe books are superior to adaptations in terms of details, depth, and creativity. They prefer to read books before watching films or television shows

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Mocking Their Reading Preferences

Bookworms have distinct reading habits and preferences, and they can read as much or as little as they want depending on their mood, time, and availability. They dislike being told they read too much or too little because it shows a lack of respect and support.

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Making Uneccessary Suggestions

Bookworms prefer to discover new titles on their own or receive recommendations based on their tastes and preferences. They dislike it when people recommend books they do not want to read because it implies a lack of attention and awareness on their part.

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Folding The Pages

Readers dislike it when people fold the corners of the pages or write on the books, believing that it damages and defaces the books. They use bookmarks or sticky notes to mark their place or take notes.

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