This ultraportable Lenovo laptop has a hidden TrackPoint function among other hidden features

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ZDNET’s key takeaways

  • Prices starting at $1,241, Lenovo’s ThinkPad Z13 Gen 2 It has the potential to become your new main laptop for work and leisure.
  • The ThinkPad Z13 is equipped with a powerful AMD Ryzen processor and a great-looking, 2.8K resolution screen that everyone can enjoy.
  • Professionals, however, may find it lacking in a small amount of ports, short battery life, and limited features.

It’s impossible to be good at everything but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least try. I got this feeling while trying Lenovo ThinkPad Z13 Gen 2A laptop that aims to be a great entertainment laptop And Work laptop all in one package. In my opinion, the Z13 gets the job done both because of its lightweight form factor and several key features.

Upon opening the laptop for the first time, you’re greeted with a 13-inch, 2.8K resolution (2,880 x 1,800 pixels) OLED touchscreen – at least that’s the greeting. me. The review unit I received from Lenovo was one of the higher-end builds – and it certainly shows. Content shown on this display – especially animations – looks stunning.


ZDNet recommends

Lenovo ThinkPad Z13 Gen 2

Lenovo’s second-generation ThinkPad Z13 packs powerful hardware into a slim frame, along with some hidden, interesting features.

For testing, I watched a few episodes of it Pokemon Concierge. If you’re not familiar, it’s a stop-motion show consisting of characters made of felt, paper, and other types of materials. I loved how good it looked on the OLED screen. I could see Psyduck’s blur in all its glory. I see Pokemon Concierge This way gave me a new appreciation for the show. The characters look more cuddly than when I saw it on my smartphone

Of course, live-action movies also look amazing. i saw the joker This laptop and OLED display made Gotham City look a lot more gritty and dirty than when the film first hit theaters.

As much as I’ve harped on about how much I love the OLED display, my favorite aspect of the screen was the thin bezels surrounding it. You can enjoy the visual goodness of the screen without being surrounded by thick black lines The top bezel is a bit thicker than the rest because it houses the laptop’s 1080p webcam (perfect for work video calls). What’s more, the camera has a metal bar protruding from the top. When closed, it acts as a handle to open the laptop. It’s a small touch, but one that I greatly appreciate.

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Design-wise, Lenovo has made some interesting choices. One of the hallmarks of the ThinkPad Z-series is its focus on durability in various forms. Most laptops are made from recycled materials. There’s even a version of the Z13 with an eco-friendly flax fiber cover. However, at the time of this review, it does not appear to be on sale. Still, it’s better to choose Lenovo for greener components when making laptops.

I wish this focus on durability was present in its battery. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last very long. Under the hood is an AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 7840U paired with a Radeon 740M graphics card which together should enable great power efficiency. However, according to my tests, the battery only lasted six hours before dying. I performed my usual trick of playing a looping YouTube video at 720p and 50 percent brightness. I was shocked to see such a low amount.

It’s not all bad, of course. I love what Lenovo has done with the keyboard. Each key has a slight indentation and is covered with a matte coating. All this, combined with a keyboard that extends to one side, culminates in a comfortable typing experience If you read my reviews, you’ll know this is something I specifically look for in a laptop. Machines with mediocre keyboards lose points.

There are a few “hidden” features on the keyboard (I’m adding quotation marks because although they’re not technically hidden, they’re not very obvious).

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First, it has backlighting. In the lower left corner of the spacebar, you will find a flashing light icon. You can turn on the light by pressing the corner with the function key. I wish Lenovo would have done a better job of letting people know this is a thing. I initially thought the keyboard lacked backlight when typing at night. I think the company, for some strange reason, removed this feature. This aspect of the keyboard should have been made clearer to avoid confusion.


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The red trackpoint on the keyboard has a new function. You can still use it to control the cursor, but double-tapping it now opens a quick menu to adjust specific features like microphone direction.

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Finally, only three ports are available: two USB-C inputs and a headphone jack This may sound rather disappointing, but remember that the ThinkPad Z13 is an ultraportable laptop. You would expect such sacrifices in a computer this thin.

ZDNET’s buying advice

I do not recommend Lenovo ThinkPad Z13 Gen 2 If you are looking for a lightweight laptop for work, school or as an entertainment machine while traveling. It’s currently on sale on Lenovo’s website in arctic gray, with prices starting at $1,241.

It’s configurable so you can add more to the laptop — like greater storage space — or you can opt for a lower-resolution screen to drop the price tag. If you want something big, the company has it The second generation ThinkPad Z16 As an alternative as well.

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