This new rechargeable smart lock doesn’t change the exterior of your front door

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Residence lock


Abode, a DIY smart home and security company, is launching a new smart lock with some unique capabilities, including a rechargeable battery and the ability to integrate with existing deadbolts for ease of installation.

new Residence lock It is installed on the inside of the door, ensuring the exterior appearance of the door remains unchanged, unless users choose to install the included keypad outside. Like the Switchbot Smart Lock, it’s a perfect option for renters, those with a restrictive HOA, or those looking to maintain their current aesthetic with a little extra smarts.

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While users can lock and unlock the Abode Lock using the app on their smartphone, the lock has a separate keypad, which is powered by AA batteries. The keypad connects to the lock via Bluetooth, supports PIN codes, and recognizes fingerprints to unlock for added versatility.

Residence lock

Abode Lock comes with a slim keypad.


Users can add up to 50 different fingerprints, divided among 10 unique users, giving different family members the ability to unlock their doors quickly and easily.

If you’re planning to host guests or are looking for an easy way to walk the dog remotely, Abode Lock allows users to create personalized PIN codes for up to 10 unique users, including one-time use codes with expiration dates.

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Although the lock does not have the ability to detect when the door is closed to lock itself, like other locks, it can be set up to auto-lock after a specified period of time after being unlocked.

The Residence lock It’s available for $130 and the company says it integrates seamlessly with a larger housing system, though it can work as a standalone solution.

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