This 27-inch smart display could be the giant digital family calendar you’ve been waiting for

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Skylight Cal Max


A great calendar can help even the busiest of families feel in control of soccer practice, doctor’s appointments, parent/teacher conferences, and more. This control is the kind of goal that Skylight has in mind with the new one Calendar Maxwhich is a 27-inch smart family calendar that syncs with various apps and displays events, tasks and more in one place.

Skylight – Creators of Frames are digital photo frames — already offers a touchscreen calendar, available in 10-inch and 15-inch formats. But the new 27-inch Cal Max features an anti-glare display, a slim design with rounded corners, and interchangeable frames to match your home aesthetic.

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Skylight Cal Max allows users to automatically sync their Google, Apple, Outlook, Cozi and Yahoo calendars to keep all their events in one place. It allows consumers to use color coding for organization and create chore charts, to-do lists, dinner plans, shopping lists, and more. Users can add events to the calendar and edit them through the Skylight mobile app.

“Families keep telling us how our calendar has helped them reduce the stress of running a household — in fact, our customers have used it to complete more than 10 million tasks in 2023, and many couples have contacted us as a ‘marriage saver,'” said Michael Segal, founder and CEO of Skylight

A 27-inch smart calendar might sound big, but here’s why it makes sense. The calendar gives a complete view of the day, week or month of activities on its always-on, high-resolution display. The larger screen can fit more events and information on the screen than the smaller options, making it a better option for busy or large families.

“Since launch, we’ve worked tirelessly to perfect our product through real-time customer feedback, and the bigger, better looking and more feature-rich Cal Max is the result of that work. We believe it will quickly become the gold standard.” Turns out,” Segal added.

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I tested the 15-inch Skylight Calendar and I’ve been using the device to keep my family organized. I can easily add new appointments from the doctor’s checkout desk and instantly show them on my wall calendar at home for everyone else to see.

The device has become a family hub, where we can see what’s on for the day, who needs to bring lunch to school, who has homework and who’s taking which kids to their appointments.

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new Skylight Cal Max It’s available for presale now for $599, with orders shipping this spring.

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