The new cheap Apple Pencil is now available for purchase. Here’s how it compares to its predecessors

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Apple Pencil (USB-C)


One of the biggest benefits of owning an iPad is using it as your personal notebook to make notes, doodles, or even art. However, to increase the accuracy of your strokes on your iPad, an Apple Pencil is a worthwhile investment — and Apple just made a new one, Budget-friendly model Being sold.

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The leap from the original Apple Pencil (1st generation) to the Apple Pencil (2nd generation) was a big one, including magnetically attaching, wireless pairing and charging, and double tapping to change tools.

As the features increased, so did the price with the original Apple Pencil Retails at $99 and Apple Pencil (2nd generation) Retails at $129.

The new Apple Pencil (USB-C) is the most budget-friendly option, Retails at $79And it even boasts some gestures that the Apple Pencil (first generation) doesn’t have at a smaller price point.

The biggest difference is that the new Apple Pencil supports USB-C charging and pairing with a sliding cap that reveals a USB-C port.

This makes it ideal for the Apple Pencil iPad (10th generation) and all other models that have a USB-C port

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If you have an older iPad that still has a lighting port, it might be more convenient to stick with the Apple Pencil (first generation), since it has a lighting adapter.

In addition to USB-C compatibility, the Apple Pencil (USB-C) attaches magnetically and supports Apple Pencil Hover on the iPad Pro — two features the Apple Pencil (first generation) lacked.

The new Apple Pencil lacks some features of the Apple Pencil (2nd generation), including wireless pairing and charging, double-tap to change tools, engraving, and pressure sensitivity, which both the first and second generation Apple Pencils have.

However, at $50 less than the Apple Pencil (2nd generation), the new Apple Pencil is a great value and lacks only three features that the Apple Pencil (2nd generation) lacks.

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You can turn on the Apple Pencil (USB-C). apple And other online retailers eg good shopping And the amazon For $79. Apple says it’s available for purchase in stores starting this week.

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