The Dreo 5L Smart Humidifier is an almost perfect solution to winter dryness

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Dreo 5L Smart Humidifier in my office.

You will be hard pressed to find a better humidifier at this price point.

Jack Wallen/ZDNet

ZDNET’s key takeaways

  • Dreo Smart 5L Humidifier is Available at Amazon for $74.99.
  • This humidifier is easy to use, has a demineralization filter, works with Alexa, lets you add essential oils, adds both sleep and auto modes, and packs plenty of other features to help it stand out from the rest.
  • The only downside to the Dreo Smart 5L Humidifier is that it doesn’t offer a warm mist option.

Besides being a writer, I have been an actor and singer for decades. For these two other skills I want to take care of my body, which includes my voice. To that end, I’ve long relied on humidifiers. And since I suffer from year-round allergies, which cause a perpetually dry mouth and throat, increasing the humidity in my office (or whatever room I’m in) is essential.

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I’ve been using a cheap (but very effective) humidifier I bought from Amazon a few years ago. That humidifier predates the whole smart revolution, which means it’s a set-it-and-forget-it device. All I have to do with that humidifier is add water now and then.

Recently, I was sent Dreo Smart 5L Humidifier For review. I’ve been rather skeptical of devices that claim to be “smart”. Not every piece of hardware there is Be smart. And, if I’m being 100% honest, a humidifier doesn’t really need an extra boost of intelligence.

Dreo 5L Smart Humidifier in my office.

Recommended by ZDNET

Dreo 5L Smart Humidifier at Amazon.

This smart humidifier does a great job of not only keeping the ambient air moist, but greatly simplifying the process.

But I played along. I set up the Dreo 5L Smart Humidifier, installed the app and connected the device to my network. For the most part, I’ve used Drew without the app, but that’s not to say the app doesn’t have a place. In fact, I find that the app has features that I like (like scheduling, clearing reminders, and filter life). That doesn’t mean you have to use the app.

But, in the name of reviewing, I willingly dove down that rabbit hole.

the glasses

What is there to say about a humidifier? Add water, turn on, and the machine gently wafts of mist. However, Dreo adds a few nice options. Here are the specs.

  • Dual-intake and 360° dual mist outlet
  • Intelligent humidity control
  • 5-liter tank
  • fewer words
  • 42 hours continuous operation
  • Modular design for easy cleaning
  • Desalination cartridges that can remove seven types of minerals
  • Voice (with Alexa) and app control
  • Top filling tank for easy filling
  • night light
  • Digital display
  • Aroma diffuser

my experience

You might think that humidifiers are built pretty much the same. Trust me when I say they aren’t. Although they all share the same goal (to increase humidity in a room), they do not all achieve the same level of success.

For example, many Cheap humidifiers Do not experience ambient humidity. Instead, you turn them on and they just go away. Even my old humidifier (which I still use) can sense the humidity level in a room and can be programmed to stop when it reaches a certain level.

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Without this feature, you run the risk of introducing mold, which you don’t want. So humidity sensing is a must. The Dreo 5L does a great job of sensing moisture and shutting it off when it reaches that point. This feature has an added bonus: you won’t have to fill the water tank as often.

Speaking of which…

My only beef with my old humidifier was that there was a screw-on cap on the bottom of the tank, which had to be removed to refill. The problem is that the cap can get too tight. And even though I have a fairly tight grip, I always have to put a towel over the hat to loosen it.

The Dreo 5L Smart Humidifier has the top removed.

Simply remove the top and fill the tank. It doesn’t get any easier.

Jack Wallen/ZDNet

The Dreo 5L has an easily removable top, which greatly simplifies the tank-filling process. Actually, this humidifier is quite easy to operate. Insert the desalination cartridge, fill the tank, insert the tank, put the lid on the tank, turn the unit on, set the desired humidity level (either from the auto button on the front or from the app — the app being the easiest method), adjust. Output vents, and enjoy the fog.

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At first, I was adjusting through the front display panel but eventually realized that it was much easier to do it with the app (which can be found Google Play Store And Apple App Store. You can also easily switch the Dreo 5L from manual, auto and sleep modes. Sleep mode is similar to Auto but will turn off the display, sound and ambient lights.

Dreo 5L Smart Humidifier App on Android.

The Dreo app makes it easy to adjust and monitor the humidifier.

Jack Wallen/ZDNet

A very nice touch is the aroma diffuser. On the right side of the device is a pop-out drawer with a small felt pad A few drops of your favorite essential oil and mist will carry a delicate scent. I have tried it with both orange and cinnamon oil and it works beautifully.

Dreo 5L Smart Humidifier Aroma Diffuser.

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to fill the room with a pleasant scent.

Jack Wallen/ZDNet


There’s only one nit I can pick with the Dreo 5L: it doesn’t include a warm mist. My old humidifier offers the feature and I use it all the time. To get a warm mist from the Dryo, I have to fill the tank with warm water, which cools down fairly quickly. So, if you need/prefer a warm mist, you need to look elsewhere.

ZDNET’s buying advice

The Dreo 5L This is, by far, the best single-room humidifier I’ve used. It’s an elegant solution that should serve you well if the humidity in the environment makes your lips chapped, your throat dry, and your skin itchy.

But remember, drink plenty of water (so you have plenty of moisture inside too).

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