The best VR headsets of 2024: tested and reviewed by experts

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Apple Vision Pro Technology Features: Display Type: Micro-OLED | Resolution: 3000 x 3800 (approx) | Refresh Rate: 90Hz | Battery Life: 2 hours (or tethered) | Weight: 1.3 pounds All-in-one: yes

Apple doesn’t market the Vision Pro as a VR headset, but it has the ability to transport users into a virtual world with a press of a digital crown. While the $3,500 headset isn’t necessarily geared toward gaming, its work and entertainment uses may have more than appeal to some, especially if you own one or two other Apple devices.

For example, Vision Pro can be paired with a MacBook to virtually extend its display by projecting a mirrored monitor alongside VisionOS’ existing app and browser windows, allowing you to multitask with ease. Or, you can capture spatial videos with Vision Pro (or an iPhone 15 Pro model) and watch them on the headset. Based on reviews and early impressions from industry experts, the ability to relive moments through spatial videos just might be the Vision Pro’s killer feature.

The headset is completely navigated with your eyes and fingers, which is as futuristic as VR headsets. Thanks to a series of internal and downward-facing cameras and sensors, the Vision Pro can track where you’re looking to move its invisible cursor, and when you’re pinching your index and thumb fingers to register a click or long press. You can of course add a bluetooth keyboard and mouse to the headset.

ZDNET’s editor in chief, Jason Hiner, first demoed the Vision Pro at WWDC last year and commented that these gesture controls are the Vision Pro’s biggest breakthrough. Since then, Hiner’s also noted that, given the high price of entry, most consumers are better off dipping their toes into mixed reality with Meta’s $500 Quest 3 headset. Or, you can test Vision Pro risk-free at a local Apple Store.

Review: Apple Vision Pro

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