The best under-desk treadmills of 2023

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Fitness should integrate seamlessly into the flow of your life, but with busy days it can be difficult. Thanks to the flexibility of work modes, working from home is not an uncommon practice. And what better way to stay active than to walk around your desk all day while you work? It’s a serious two-for-one experience that can help with exercise and other sedentary concerns like back pain from constant sitting.

During the pandemic, many of us have spent a lot of time working from home, and as more people return to work in the office, employers are offering treadmill desks, bike desks or standing desks to better equip their employees for success.

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This means now you can exercise and work at the same time. However, not all under-desk walking treadmills are created equal. If you’re in the market, you need to know which one is right for you before making that big purchase. ZDNET’s top pick for best under-desk treadmill overall Goyouth 2-in-1 Under Desk Electric Treadmill For its quiet operation, excellent shock absorption, and versatility. See how it compares to the rest of ZDNET’s top picks for the best under-desk walking treadmills for your home or office.

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The best under-desk treadmills of 2023


  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Great for running or walking
  • Quiet operation

  • narrow belt
  • Lack of expected inclination

Goyouth Treadmill Features: top speed: 6 mph | Dimensions: 50.59 x 5.51 x 22.44 inches Weight Capacity: 220 lbs

The Goyouth 2-in-1 Under Desk Electric Treadmill is one of the fastest under-desk walking treadmills with a top speed of 6 miles per hour. It comes from 2.25 horsepower with a surprisingly quiet motor, so the machine won’t be distracted during work calls. The durable machine has a shock-absorbing steel frame and a non-slip running belt.

Plus, the LED display will help you get started with one of the 12 built-in programs.


  • Bluetooth feature
  • Strong construction
  • high speed

  • Small running belt
  • Not an ordinary program

GoPlus Folding Treadmill Features: Maximum speed: 8 mph Dimensions: 27 x 49 x 42 inches Weight Capacity: 265 lbs

The Goplus 2-in-1 Folding Treadmill isn’t just one of the best under-desk walking treadmills — it’s also the fastest on our list. The treadmill provides speeds of up to eight miles per hour with 2.25 horsepower. Despite the alloy steel construction, the machine still manages to stay lightweight at just 84 pounds.

You can choose from two different measurement modes (miles and kilometers) and you can connect via Bluetooth to enjoy remote control-operated speakers.

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  • Smooth operation
  • User-friendly
  • Quiet motor

Lifespan Treadmill Features: Maximum speed: 4 mph Dimensions: 66.34 x 29.53 x 8.46 inches Weight Capacity: 350 lbs

The Lifespan Under Desk Treadmill TR1200 is our pick for the quietest under-desk walking treadmill on the market. Thanks to a 2-horsepower continuous duty DC motor, it can reach up to 4 miles per hour. The design includes a phenolic deck matched with non-slip plastic, plus six different impact-absorbing compression shocks.

The ultimate bonus? It comes fully assembled out of the box, so you don’t have to worry about assembly.


  • Flexible design
  • Solid construction
  • Easily portable

  • Need more space
  • low speed

Rhythm Fun Treadmill Features: Maximum speed: 3.7 mph Dimensions: 63 x 28 x 7 inches Weight Capacity: 220 lbs

Rhythm Fun automates the operation of the under desk treadmill with its remote. It has an LED display that helps you maintain control of the machine, which offers a top speed of 3.7 miles per hour and 1.5 horsepower. Made of alloy steel, this treadmill includes an extra-wide running belt to give you more space during your workout.

It still manages to leave a small footprint in your home and requires no assembly with this model.


  • Easy to save
  • Decent size belt
  • affordable

  • Low maximum speed
  • Can be complicated to use

Walking Pad C2 Features: Maximum speed: 3.72 mph Dimensions: 56.88 x 20.39 x 4.92 inches Weight Capacity: 220 lbs

WalkingPad C2 is the most affordable yet high-quality under-desk walking treadmill. You can use the digital monitor and the KS Fit app to track your progress, be it time, steps, speed or calories burned. The shock-absorbing design includes an EVA layer on the running belt for more comfort and intelligent speed control while in a mode. Plus, it’s compact enough to store easily with a 180-degree fold-down.

Goyouth 2-in-1 Under Desk Electric Treadmill is the best under-desk walking treadmill, with high speed capability and horsepower that works faster than other models.

To see how the top models compare, here’s an overview of the best under-desk walking treadmills you can buy today.

The best under-desk walking treadmill


weight capacity

top speed

Goyouth 2-in-1 Under Desk Electric Treadmill


220 lbs

6 mph

GoPlus 2-in-1 Folding Treadmill


265 lbs

8 mph

Lifespan TR1200-DT3 Glowup Under Desk Treadmill


350 lbs

4 mph

Rhythm fun under the desk treadmill


220 lbs

3.7 mph

Walkingpad C2


220 lbs

3.72 mph

Choosing between all the different models can be difficult, so here we offer you our expert recommendations on the best under-desk walking treadmills.

Choose this under-desk walking treadmill…

if you want…

Goyouth 2-in-1 Under Desk Electric Treadmill

A lightweight option with excellent speed control. The 2.25 horsepower motor is quiet enough to walk around during work calls.

GoPlus 2-in-1 Folding Treadmill

An under-desk treadmill that’s compact and budget-friendly for your daily runs. This is the fastest under-desk treadmill on this list.

Lifespan TR1200-DT3 Glowup Under Desk Treadmill

To avoid treadmill noise during work meetings. This treadmill comes assembled out of the box.

Rhythm fun under the desk treadmill

A wireless remote to control your walking treadmill. This treadmill has an extra-wide running belt.

Walkingpad C2

An affordable under-desk walking treadmill. The digital monitor and KS Fit app can track your time, steps, pace and calories burned.

To find the best under-desk walking treadmills, we considered several factors.

  • Speed: If you use your under-desk walking treadmill for brisk walking, you need one that can keep up with you. We’ve included two of the fastest under-desk walking treadmills for your needs.
  • Words: If you plan to use your under-desk walking treadmill during work, you probably want to be quiet during operation.
  • comeIn anger: The best under-desk walking treadmills can be easily folded in half and stored.
  • Price: The cost of the best under-desk walking treadmill varies from $300 to more than $1,600, with a wide range of budgets.

An under-desk walking treadmill is small and compact enough to fit under a table or desk but can generally still be used as a traditional treadmill. It is ideal for small spaces and perfect for easy exercise during the workday or other sedentary periods.

It’s important to make sure a walking treadmill can support your weight before you buy. The weight of an under-desk walking treadmill varies, all depending on the individual construction. However, the best under-desk walking treadmills can accommodate a weight capacity of 220 to 350 pounds.

The best under-desk walking treadmills range from $300 to more than $1,250, depending on the model you choose. Of course, there are other models out there that can be cheaper or more expensive, so it’s always important to shop around and do your homework before you buy.

There are plenty of other options on the market when looking at under-desk treadmills. In our search for the best alternative under-desk walking treadmill, we also found these models worth your consideration.


The best option is the under-desk treadmill

Daeyegim 2-in-1 Walking Pad Desk Treadmill

This walking pad offers a speed range of 0.5 to 5 mph, with a maximum weight capacity of 265 pounds.


Best wide belt under desk treadmill

Urevo 2-in-1 Under Desk Treadmill

You can use this machine as a treadmill or as an under desk walking machine. It has a wide 17 inch running belt.

the sun

The best convertible under-desk treadmill

Sunny Health & Fitness Treadpad with Remote Control

The speed of this treadmill pad ranges from 0.5 to 3.75 mph. You can add arm exercisers or an automated desk to the treadmill.

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