The best massage gun of 2023

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After an intense workout or a long day of travel, there’s really nothing like a massage to soothe your sore muscles. And, since we can’t always book a massage appointment at a moment’s notice, massage guns are a great way to help relieve sore and sore muscles, helping your body in the recovery process.

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Whether your muscles are sore from sitting and working all day (slow arm raises) or sore from exercise or training, a massage gun can work on your sore muscles using percussive therapy to provide instant relief. And, with holiday shopping here, you can score these expensive devices for less, thanks to deals among retailers.

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The best massage gun is Theragun Prime Since it comes from the brand that started it all. However, we’ve also included options from Renfo, Hyperis, and more so you can find the best fit for your budget while you’re at it for those knots, tensions, and aches.

Continue reading to get our pick of the top massage guns.

The best massage gun of 2023


  • Customizable speed
  • Works silently
  • Smart app that integrates with Apple Health and Google

  • Stall force may be higher
  • expensive

Features of Theragun Prime Technology: Battery Life: 2 hours Attachment: 4 | speed: 5 (plus customizable range) | Stall Force: 30 pounds

Therabody pioneered the massage gun brand after a chiropractor invented the device for his own rehabilitation after a motorcycle accident. Therabody has four different Theragun models, but the best is the Theragun Prime as it’s a midrange Theragun model that still packs a punch (so to speak).

Theragun Prime has an ergonomic handle design that is easy to hold. It is equipped with Therabody’s QuietForce technology QX65, which promises quieter sound levels while going 60% deeper into the muscles than the average massage gun device. Pair the device with the accompanying app, where you can customize your pace as well as get guided treatment routines.


  • affordable
  • High stall force
  • 10-minute auto-shutoff

  • Problems with charging and battery life

Renfo Active Message Song Technical Features: Battery Life: 2.5 hours attachment: 5 | speed: 5 | Stall Force: 50 pounds

If you’re not willing to shell out $300 for the Theragun, there are cheaper massage gun options on the market, like the Renfo Active, for just $90. It has five adjustable motions and five attachments to target different muscle groups.

The massage gun will last about 2.5 hours but it has a 10-minute auto-shutoff, so you won’t waste the battery. It has a relatively high stall force of 50 pounds, which allows it to handle a significant amount of peak power.

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  • High stall force
  • On-screen routine
  • Micro-point attachment

  • Super expensive
  • Heavier at about 6 pounds

Features of Theragun Pro Technology: Battery Life: 150 minutes Attachment: 6 | Speed: 5 (plus customizable range) | Stall Force: 60 pounds

Another Theragun alternative is the Theragun Pro, but you must be willing to spend $600. However, this expensive massage gun has unique features that make it stand out, such as built-in routines on the OLED screen (18 in total), special attachments like micro-points for increased stimulation, and a motor that is 20% quieter. Compared to the previous Pro generation.

It also has a maximum pressure of 60 pounds, making it the device with the highest stall force on our list. Also, like the Theragun Prime, the Theragun Pro also has an ergonomic design that is easy to hold and has five built-in speeds with the ability to customize between preset speed ranges.

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  • Great companion app
  • Lightweight and easy to hold

  • Stall force is only estimated
  • Battery life can be confusing

Hyperis Hypervolt 2 Pro Technical Specifications: Battery Life: 3 hours attachment: 5 | Speed: 3 | Stall Force: ~ 45 lbs

The HyperVolt 2 massage gun from Hyperis is a lighter option, weighing just 1.8 pounds. This massage gun has a patented pressure sensor technology that shows how much pressure you are applying to your muscles.

Like the Theraguns, it also connects to an app that lets you choose between pre-programmed routines based on what you’re receiving from your training programs, like Garmin or Strava. It offers wellness insights from physical therapists and elite trainers.


  • Heat therapy
  • Small and portable
  • Long battery life

  • Not as strong a stall ball as other options
  • Attachments could be of better quality

Renfo Lite Technology Features: Battery Life: 4 hours Attachment: 4 | Speed: 3 | Stall Force: 18 pounds

If you want something small and portable while traveling, the Renfo Lite is a mini massage gun that weighs less than a pound and measures just 6.1 x 5.9 inches. Although it has a small stall force of 18 pounds due to its small build, it has a built-in heat therapy handle that can heat up to 100°F in three seconds to relieve muscle pain even faster.

Since it is very compact and has low power, this massage gun can be used on more sensitive areas of the body such as the neck. Like the Renfo Active Massage Gun, the Renfo Lite also has a 10-minute auto-shutoff.

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The best massage gun is the Theragun Prime as it is a mid-range Theragun with all the features you would expect from the brand, such as an ergonomic design and quiet operation. Here’s how the rest of our massage gun top picks compare.

message song

the price



stall force

Theragun Prime




30 pounds

Renfo is active




50 pounds

Theragun Pro




60 pounds

Hypervolt 2




~ 45 lbs

Renfo Lite




18 pounds

*Lowest price at time of writing. Please note that prices may vary based on retailers and available promotions, sales or discounts

The best massage gun for you will largely depend on how much you’re willing to spend and which features (such as ergonomic design or an accompanying app) are most important to you.

Choose this massage gun…

if you want…

Theragun Prime

Best overall option. This mid-range massage gun promises quieter sound levels while going 60% deeper into the muscles than competitors.

Renfo is active

A budget-friendly massage gun. It still has standout features like 50 pounds of stall force and a 10-minute auto-shutoff.

Theragun Pro

Splurge on an expensive massage gun. This massage gun has built-in massage and recovery routines on the OLED screen.

Hypervolt 2

A lightweight massage gun at 1.8 lbs. It also has pressure sensor technology to show how much pressure you apply.

Renfo Lite

A compact and portable massage gun. This massage gun even has a heat therapy handle to apply heat to sore muscles.

We have extensively researched the market considering reviews (good and bad) and famous brands. We also considered our own experience using massage guns.

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best massage gun:

  • Speed: The massage gun has different speed options which are calculated in percussions per minute (ppm). Having different options allows you to use full power when treating sensitive areas or getting into tight muscles.
  • Attachment: Without attachment, the massage gun would be nothing. We consider devices with a decent amount of attachments and unique attachment heads to target specific muscle groups.
  • Price: Massage guns can be very expensive (especially if you’re looking at buying a Theragun), so we’ve scanned the market for different price points that will align with different budgets.

Yes! Massage guns are a great tool for sore muscles and recovery. According to a study from International Journal of Sports Physical TherapyMassage guns can “help improve acute muscle strength, explosive muscle flexibility, and experience or reduce musculoskeletal pain.”

Just remember to use a massage gun on the right area and concentrate on one area for a short time (1-2 minutes max).

Stall force is the amount of pressure you can apply to the massage gun before the motor stops. Basically, this is the maximum power of a gun. Many massage guns have a stall force between 40-60 pounds. A massage gun with a stall force of 30 pounds is considered relatively weak.

You should only use a massage gun on muscles, so stay away from joints and bones, including organs (such as the kidneys, which are located on your back), including the spine and collarbones.

There are many massage guns available on the market today, but not all are created equal. Here are other options to consider that may help you with sore muscles.

An ergonomic looking massage gun with six head attachments and a carrying case next to it

Best option for deep tissue massage

Apov Apex massage gun deep tissue

This massage gun has a 45-degree angle handle design, which allows you to hold it more efficiently while going deeper into the muscles that need relief.

A black massage gun with six attachments on the head and a carrying case on the side

Best alternative budget

Cholas Massage Song

At just $29, this massage gun is much cheaper than other options and still comes with six attachment heads and an extended battery life.

A mini massage gun with four head attachments and a carrying case next to it

Best compact option

Acreen Athletics Bantam Mini Massage Gun

This massage gun from Acreen Athletics weighs only 1.1 pounds and can easily fit into a purse or backpack.

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