Squaric acid monoamides as building blocks for drug discovery

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Global sustainable laboratory equipment visionary, Asynt, has collaborated with Kingston University (London, UK) and renowned global chemical products supplier, Key Organics, to develop an accessible new synthetic compound library.

Nathan Long at the Kingston University Laboratory. Image credit: Asynt

Chemists in the Owen group at Kingston University (UK) have developed a collaborative relationship with these industry leaders, enabling them to develop a library of novel synthetic compounds.

University chemist Dr. Stephen P. Wren, Professor Adam Le Gresley and Ph.D. candidate, Nathan Long, developed an initial synthetic compound library consisting of 28 anilino and benzylamino monosquarate-amide squaric acid derivatives designed as bioisosteric replacements for ubiquitous carboxylic acid moieties.

They have been used to demonstrate the feasibility of creating additional novel compounds because this class of compounds can serve as substrates in further chemical transformations. Compounds can be delivered in a variety of formats to enrich global drug discovery programs.

By partnering with leading industry experts, Asynt and Key Organics unlock the potential of their ideas and enable access to useful lab equipment such as DrySyn oil-free heating blocks and CondenSyn waterless air condensers, as well as high-quality chemical starting materials, Wren Group makes available for scientific research at a low cost. is on a mission to promote accessible new chemistry with synthetic compounds.

Published in the SynOpen theme journal, the Wren group’s recent paper outlines their work on how DrySyn and CondenSyn can improve conditions and reaction success as well as reduce environmental impact in your laboratory. Read more Journal’s webpage.

Dr. Ren clarified that the partnership formed by the three organizations made the project possible. He explained that.. “We chose to work alongside Asynt and Key Organics because they are major suppliers of parallel synthesis equipment and chemical building blocks respectively. The Asynt equipment was user-friendly and enabled us to maximize our output, while our two-way chemical exchange with Key Organics was a pleasure – I would like to thank them both sincerely for their input.”

Asynt is proud to be involved in this innovative work and excited to see what’s next for the Wren Group.

For more information on DrySyn oil-free heating blocks and CondenSyn waterless air condensers, please visit www.asynt.com/products/benchtop-synthesis-tools/. Alternatively, contact Asynt by phone on +44 (0)1638 781709/email [email protected].

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