Sick of legitimate calls being mistaken for spam? This new AT&T wireless service can help

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AT&T and TransUnion


Spam calls are a big part of why 73% wireless subscribers Do not answer calls from unknown callers. And that’s why AT&T and TransUnion are announcing the launch of a branded call display, which shows the name and brand logo on incoming calls.

Participating businesses will be able to display their information to tell customers who is calling and prove the call has been verified, so call recipients can be sure the number isn’t spoofed.

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“We’re passionate about providing our customers with secure and reliable calls, so we’re excited to work with TransUnion for a richer, more helpful visual experience,” said Erin Scarborough, AT&T senior vice president of mass market product management. “And because we use STIR/SHAKEN verification, our customers will be able to connect with the brands they want or want to connect with with greater confidence.”

STIR/SHAKEN combines signature-based handling of claimed information using the Secure Telephone Identity Revisited (STIR) protocol and the Token (SHAKEN) framework. STIR/SHAKEN is a system used to prevent caller ID spoofing by ensuring caller ID information is secure and accurate. Caller ID spoofing is often used in robocalls and phone scams.

A Recent surveys It has been found that 58% of people have missed important calls on their mobile phones that they did not answer on purpose because they did not recognize the caller. Similarly, 73% of respondents rejected a call they later learned was a legitimate call due to security and fraud concerns.

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Officially known as TruContact Branded Call Display (BCD), powered by Neustar, the new technology will be available to all AT&T Wireless customers, with no action on their part. Businesses interested in participating can sign up Transunion.

“The delivery of the branded call display logo represents the culmination of years of collaboration between AT&T and Neustar, now part of TransUnion,” said James Garvert, TransUnion’s senior vice president and general manager of TruContact Communications Solutions. “We provided caller ID for landlines, evolved for the first generation of branded calling, and now we set the stage for branded call display logos. It’s helping restore trust in phones to protect enterprises and consumers alike.”

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The service is now available on iOS 17 Samsung Galaxy S22 And Motorola Razr, with more Android devices coming soon, according to AT&T The Android device will display the branded logo when the phone rings and show in the call details when the call is missed. On iOS devices, the branded logo appears when the phone is unlocked or Face ID is enabled.

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