SCIEX expands high-throughput screening solutions

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The Echo® MS+ system unlocks advanced high-throughput screening capabilities by bringing the Acoustic Ejection Mass Spectrometry (AEMS) approach to the SCIEX ZenoTOF 7600 system.

FRAMINGHAM, Mass.-SCIEX, a global leader in life science analytical technologies, introduced the Echo® MS+ system at SLAS 2024. The system combines SCIEX’s capabilities with proprietary acoustic ejection mass spectrometry technology and open port interface (OPI) sampling. ZenoTOF 7600 or Triple Quad 6500+ system to deliver precise qualitative and quantitative results, through an expanded panel of robust high-throughput screening workflows.

The system addresses the key challenges of high-throughput screening applications for drug discovery without the need for extensive method development. This is achieved by introducing new, flexible workflows for small and large molecules that leverage the capabilities of high-resolution mass spectrometry for improved selectivity and sensitivity compared to other analytical tools. Through a combination of high speed of analysis, high data quality, and minimal sample and reagent consumption, the system has the potential to reduce critical decision-making time, cost, and risk early in the drug development pipeline. With this increased capability, drug discovery researchers will have the ability to make faster and more confident decisions in hit identification and iterative lead optimization. This will help speed up the drug discovery process and reduce the chance of false positive or false negative results.

“Based on the speed and fidelity of results integrated with high-resolution mass spectrometry, this technology will enable us to develop new and novel workflows across a wide variety of molecules for high-throughput screening applications,” said José Castro-Perez, Vice President of Product Management at SCIEX.

“Going forward we look forward to developing new and innovative workflows for the Echo® MS+ system in collaboration with customers at our Global Echo® MS Center of Excellence. The goal is to address key unmet analytical needs with this disruptive technology.”

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