Roblox’s new AI chat translator can help you understand 16 languages ​​in real time

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Multi-player gaming can help you connect with people and make friends with other players around the world that you would otherwise never have met. However, language barriers can often get in the way of making these connections, and Roblox’s new AI Chat Translator tries to address that.

Monday, Roblox liberation Real-time AI chat translation on Roblox, allowing its 70 million daily active users to communicate seamlessly in up to 16 different languages, including English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, and more.

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“Thanks to our new real-time AI chat translation, we’ve made something possible on Roblox that isn’t even possible in the real world — enabling people who speak different languages ​​to communicate seamlessly with each other in our immersive 3D. experience, Daniel Sturman, Roblox CTO said.

Users can take advantage of the translation feature in any Roblox experience that has enabled Roblox’s seamless text chat service. The chat window will automatically translate any text into the person’s native language, without the user taking any additional action.

According to Roblox, translations happen in real time with a delay of about 100 milliseconds. This allows users to have regular conversations with the same flow, as seen in the video below.

The user must not miss the main text. Instead, if they still want to see the original message, they can simply click the button next to the translated message.

To power the translator, Roblox developed its own unified, transformer-based Translation Large Language Model (LLM), which can handle the challenging task of translating 16 language combinations into each other in a single model, creating a resource-saving alternative to separate models that Each pair translates, resulting in a total of 256 different models.

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Roblox shared that it is committed to improving the accuracy of its models and as a result, will be launching a tool to allow people to provide feedback on translations, being able to report when something is mistranslated or even suggest a better translation.

The model is already available for use today. The full list of languages ​​includes English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Polish, and Vietnamese.

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