Remote sample management unchains scientists from their lab bench

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Using high-speed, web-based communication protocols – Ziath’s DP5 network rack decoding software can be run from a laptop, desktop, phone or any other network-connected device.

Remote sample management unchains scientists from their lab bench

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Using the DP5 network you can plug all your tube rack readers and scanners directly into your LAN and run them from a PC in your office or elsewhere in the building. This flexibility enables you to place your reader/scanner near the freezer or compound store and the results on your desktop or phone.

The DP5 network is fast and secure – it allows you to export tube positions and barcodes in more formats than anyone else – JSON, XLS, CSV, Text, PDF, PNG and Python and send the data in an email to a colleague or your desktop PC.

Although any camera-based reader can be upgraded to run DP5 standard software, only the Ziath Datapack Express and Datapack Mirage 2D-barcode rack readers can currently be supplied with LAN adapters and RJ45 connectors to run the new DP5 network software.

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