Over 50? This Resume Mistake Will Make You Look Old

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So you’re over 50? You have professionally prepared your resume and LinkedIn profile. You apply to tons of jobs and the recruiters say you’re perfectly qualified. And then they cut you 20% off. What are you doing wrong? How do you get back to making the same amount of money you were making at your last job?

This is one of the biggest resume mistakes people over 50 make, and what older professionals should do instead…

Don’t advertise yourself as an expert

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The resume mistake most people over 50 make is hiring a professional resume writer who makes you look like a jack of all trades (or doing it yourself when you write your resume). The problem with this is that it makes you look overqualified and old-school, which can make you more susceptible to ageism and hurt your chances of landing a good-paying job.

The solution: To specialize.

To appear relevant and valuable to employers, you need to establish yourself as a professional. Of course, you’ve probably acquired countless skills over your decades as a professional. However, employers are hiring you to solve a specific problem or alleviate a specific pain, so you should emphasize the skills and experience that are most relevant to the position you are applying for.

The best, most effective way to position yourself as a professional in a job search is to create a streamlined, targeted resume and LinkedIn profile that showcases your expertise. You also need to build your personal brand to show recruiters and your professional network that you are a valuable business who is worth the money.

Are you an expert at something? So, pick skills that you need to emphasize and apply for jobs that will allow you to use those skills.

Want to learn how to brand yourself as an expert?

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The truth is, school never taught us how to do this. I know how difficult it is to find a job and make the right career decisions. If you’re feeling stuck or lost in your career right now, I’m here for you.

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Good luck, and go get them!

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