Next year’s Samsung Galaxy smartphones feature live AI translation of calls

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Samsung’s flagship Galaxy smartphones launching next year will offer live translation of calls using AI and other advanced AI features, the South Korean tech giant said. said Thursday.

Live translation of calls is just one feature in Samsung’s new Galaxy AI brand, a “comprehensive mobile AI experience” based on one-device AI developed by the company and cloud-based AI from its partners.

Galaxy AI is “coming early next year,” Samsung said, adding that it is very likely to be introduced in the Galaxy S24 series that will debut around that time.

According to Samsung, the translation feature called AI Live Translate Call is integrated with the native call feature so third-party apps will not be required.

As you speak during a call with someone speaking another language, audio and text translations will appear in real-time, the company said.

The device offers this feature through AI so that private conversations never leave the phone, Samsung added.

“Galaxy AI is our most comprehensive intelligence offering yet, and it will change the way we think about our phones forever.” said Onjun Choi, head of R&D at the company’s smartphone business unit – Samsung MX.

Samsung seems ready to introduce more AI features in its products. On Wednesday, the company unveiled its generative AI model called Samsung Gauss, which consists of language, code and image models. Samsung said Samsung Gauss will be implemented in various products in the future.

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