Microsoft is bringing the power of sudo to Windows Server

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Microsoft is taking steps to make Windows Server 2025 not only more secure but also easier to manage. To do this, it is added sudoin the mix

You can already test the Windows Server 2025 build, via Insider Preview Build Which allows you to enable sudo via an on/off switch in the Settings app (only available after enabling developer mode).

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You’re probably thinking that Windows already allows privilege elevation with the UAC prompt. However, there are some commands and tools that you still need to be an administrator to use. Adding sudo will override that. There’s no indication whether Windows will allow administrators to configure sudo the way it can be done on Linux, but hopefully they’ll look to make it a part of the system.

The addition of sudo was not seen in Windows 11; It may pass (after initial testing on Windows Server 2025) it may decline. In fact, as of Windows latest, it looks like the feature Coming to Windows 11. Additionally, it looks like there will be some configuration options available for how commands are run using sudo. In a new window, you will be able to choose from input disabled and inline At this point, it’s not 100% clear how these options will work.

What is sudo?

Anyone who uses Linux knows sudo. For those who haven’t, it stands By super user and allows standard users to execute commands that would otherwise require the use of administrator privileges. in the past sudoTo run commands or applications that require admin privileges, users must either log in as the root user or Su. Soo to the root user account.

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Sudo adds a layer of security to Linux that has long been unmatched by Windows. It allows administrators to determine what administrative privileges users can access and even control which applications those privileges apply to. For example, you can restrict users to a specific command (eg apt) with a line:

%sudo ALL=(ALL:ALL) /bin/apt

That line will be added using Sudo visudo The order is complicated but very possible.

This is a great step to allow easy administration of Microsoft’s operating system. Hopefully, this will make it possible for Windows admins to be as granular with sudo as Linux admins.

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