Microsoft adds Copilot Pro support to iPhone and Android apps

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Microsoft's Copilot iPad app with Pro support

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Those of you who subscribe to Microsoft’s AI-powered Copilot Pro service will now be able to access all the Pro features through the iOS and Android apps. On Friday, Microsoft added Pro support to two mobile apps as the company had previously promised.

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for $20 per month, Copilot Pro is a premium flavor of the free Copilot service, which provides generative AI smarts to answer your questions, respond to your requests, and generate text and images. The Pro version offers some advanced features over the Free version, including:

  • Faster performance and priority access to GPT-4 and GPT-4 Turbo at peak times.
  • Copilot availability in certain Microsoft 365 apps (requires Microsoft 365 Personal or Family subscription)
  • Fast AI image creation with 100 boosts per day using Designer (formerly Bing Image Creator).
  • And along the way, according to Microsoft, the ability to create your own custom and tailored Copilot GPT with a new Copilot builder tool, similar to ChatGPT Pro.

Both free and paid versions of Copilot are accessible on the internetvia a taskbar icon in Windows 10 and 11 and now via iPhone And Android Apps After signing up for a Pro membership Copilot Pro website, the Pro version will automatically appear on websites, Windows taskbars and mobile apps. You can easily tell because the word Pro will appear as part of the Copilot name.

But here’s the $64 question (or maybe the $20 question), is the Pro version worth the subscription cost? Well, that depends. Unless you’re using Copilot constantly all day and need GPT-4 priority access and fast image creation, the only real benefit at this point is the integration with Microsoft 365. If you don’t Subscribe to Microsoft 365 Personal or Family, then you can save yourself $20 per month and skip the Pro version for now.

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For those of you who subscribe to Microsoft 365, you are able to get AI-powered help in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Specifically, Copilot Pro helps you write and edit text and summarize documents in Word, create formulas and analyze data in Excel, create presentations and draft answers in PowerPoint, and organize your inbox in Outlook. .

Whether those features are worth the price depends on how much you want or need help from AI to fine-tune your documents, presentations, and emails. If you’re on the fence, you can always subscribe for a month and cancel if you’re not getting much value. Otherwise, you might want to wait until Microsoft rolls out the ability to create your own custom Copilot GPT and see how that feature catches on.

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