Meta’s Threads has once again topped the list of the world’s most downloaded apps

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After a shaky half-year that saw popularity decline, Meta’s Threads app ended 2023 on a high note. Looking at the top downloads for December last year, AppFigure found that Threads was the sixth most downloaded app worldwide.

In Apple’s App Store, Threads ranks fourth with 12 million downloads. On Google Play, the app ranks lower, at number eight but has scored over 28 million downloads.

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Launched by Facebook and Instagram owner Meta last July, Threads quickly broke the record as the most downloaded app of all time, snagging over 100 million users in less than a week. But it all went downhill from there.

After that initial surge, users started jumping ship. After a peak of 49.3 million daily users on July 7, the number dropped 79% to 10.3 million. 7, based on data from web analytics firm Similarweb.

In the months that followed, Meta made a concerted effort to improve and improve Threads, adding much-needed features like full website access, a follower feed, keyword search, and hashtags.

The rollout of new features helped convince more people to try the app. But December was a particularly good month for Threads, as daily downloads nearly tripled, said Ariel Michaeli, founder and CEO of AppFigures. Latest report.

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Investigating the thread’s recent rise in rankings, Michaeli said it was clearly a holiday special as downloads spiked in December but then dropped. However, downloads of the Thread app so far in January are slightly higher than in November, so maybe the holiday boost had some staying power.

And what about other popular applications? Metar Instagram took the top spot as the most downloaded app last month. Grabbing more than 54 million downloads across the App Store and Google Play, Instagram overtook TikTok — which came in second with 47 million total downloads — for the top spot.

Most downloaded apps in December 2023


But there is a difference between Instagram and TikTok in terms of where the downloads come from. Instagram grabs 80% of its downloads from Google Play and only 20% from the App Store. TikTok was more balanced, with 60% from Google Play and 40% from the App Store, according to Michaeli, the demand for TikTok is high.

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In third and fourth place were Facebook and Mater WhatsApp, respectively, for which AppFigures cited Facebook’s brand and WhatsApp’s popularity outside the US. And in fifth place was CapCut, a mobile video editor that has been slowly creeping up the ranks. Temu, Telegram, Snapchat and Spotify were in the top ten globally.

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