MacPaw plans iPhone App Store alternatives to comply with the new regulations

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Now that the EU has forced Apple to comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA) sideloading apps in the European Union (EU), it’s only a matter of time before alternative app stores appear.

One player planning such an app outlet is MacPaw. Perhaps best known for its Mac utility CleanMyMac, the Ukrainian company already runs an innovative app store for Mac users. called setupThis store gives customers access to over 240 apps for $10 per month.

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But now, the company is preparing an app store for iPhone users in the EU.

written on Company blogMykola Savin, MacPaw’s director of product management, made the announcement.

“Navigating the complexities of this growing landscape, we are gearing up for an exciting initiative this year: the launch of the SetApp mobile marketplace in the EU. This has been a highly requested feature from our users and we are committed to delivering it. “The same user-centric focus and innovation With consciousness that defines us,” Savin wrote.

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MacPaw says it wants to create a “balanced app ecosystem where developers can thrive under a business model that promotes fairness and value regardless of their size,” which means it could be an attractive proposition for software developers.

And the project has apparently been in the works for some time.

“Our team is in the final stages of building a beta version of the Setapp mobile marketplace, anticipating its readiness in 2024,” Savin wrote.

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And that’s a potentially huge market.

Account for iPhone About a third of all smartphones in the EU, so it’s potentially a very lucrative market for any company that can make a sideloading app store work, and do it well.

I suspect we’ll see several sideloading app stores pop up in the EU in the coming months. But the challenges they face will be huge — both in getting users to switch and in finding developers willing to put effort into a new outlet.

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