LinkedIn For Beginners: The #1 Thing Job Seekers Need To Do

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A common question we get from job seekers on LinkedIn is: “What’s the best way for employers to notice your LinkedIn profile and how it should be created?”

Well, the answer is quite simple.

Optimize your LinkedIn profile to match recruiters’ search criteria

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile to match recruiters’ search criteria is the most important first step for beginners. Here’s why…

Recruiters search for candidates on LinkedIn by performing keyword searches based on skill sets. They select and use the skill set definitions you find in the “Skills” section of your LinkedIn profile.

Their initial quests are pretty basic. They put in a few key skill sets that the hiring manager said they need to have for the job, add a location, and then LinkedIn’s search technology goes through and finds all the people who have the most keywords in their profiles with that skill. defines in that place and classifies them.

Now, LinkedIn’s search algorithm includes a few other things, like how much traffic your profile gets (ie, how many people are already visiting your profile) and how many followers or connections you have. There are other factors as well, but the overriding one is your skill set as it is your match for the job.

If you don’t know how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to make sure the right skill sets are in the right place, and if you haven’t figured out what the five or 10 key skills are that recruiters use to search for all the time. the type of position you want, then you get passed over by recruiters because they don’t see your profile. It is not included in their search results.

How do you know if your LinkedIn profile is working?

A young man on a laptop properly optimizes his LinkedIn profile to get more views from employers


You’ll know when you’ve properly optimized your LinkedIn profile for keywords because You will see a lot more views on your profile. And the more views you get on your profile, the higher you appear in a recruiter’s search results.

It’s similar to internet search and SEO. Here’s how you get employers to find your LinkedIn profile.

Taking it. Optimizing your profile with the right keywords is the secret to getting noticed by recruiters. If you want to be found, you need to provide them with the correct information in your profile.

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