iPhone 15 Pro can now capture spatial video for Apple Vision Pro

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iPhone 15 Pro in blue titanium in front of an Apple store

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iPhone 15 Pro A new iOS 17.2 beta update released today lets users now set up their video capture to record spatial video for Apple Vision Pro. The feature will finally be available to all iPhone 15 Pro users once the iOS 17.2 beta ends.

Spatial video captivated audiences during Apple’s WWDC 2023 in June when Apple demonstrated how the perspective of video changes as the viewer moves, creating a sort of visual stereo effect. Consider recording a spatial video of a family vacation on an iPhone 15 Pro and be able to relive the experience months or years later with Apple Vision Pro, as if you were back in the moment you captured it.

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To record spatial video on iPhone 15 Pro, users can access settings Select the app, on their phone camera, and toggle Spatial Video for Apple Vision Pro to enable it. The next time the camera app is opened, a “Spatial” option will appear if the camera is set to video.

According to the Settings app in the latest iOS 17.2 beta update, spatial video recorded on the iPhone 15 Pro is done at 30 fps and 1080p resolution, and one minute of spatial video takes up about 130MB of storage.

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Spatial video features six degrees of freedom (6DoF), a technology that creates an immersive experience that feels similar to how we move in the real world as the video is captured and then experienced from all angles. This includes capturing vertical, lateral and longitudinal axes (three-dimensional axes) as well as rotation around each.

Video with 6DoF makes VR technology feel natural and realistic as users navigate the virtual space.

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As interesting as it sounds, iPhone 15 Pro users won’t be able to fully enjoy any captured spatial video for a while, as the Apple Vision Pro headset is set to be released in early 2024.

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