I tried Apple Vision Pro and here are 3 mistakes you must avoid

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A numeric passcode is required every time you put Vision Pro on, and fixing it if you forget it is far from ideal. At this point, users who have been locked out of their Vision Pro must bring the device to a store or mail AppleCare customer support to have all data erased and reset. Bloomberg.

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This is a departure from the protection mechanism of other Apple products, such as the iPhone, which support recovery mode when plugged into a Mac or PC The Vision Pro lacks a physical connector to pair with an external device to solve the problem. That is unless you have the developer-exclusive headband, which features a cable for the Mac and costs $300.

Sure, Apple could refine the process and make it a little less damaging when you forget your passcode, but right now, forgiveness is the last thing you’ll get when you do.

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