I get customized news from Google Assistant every day. Here’s how you can

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When you say, “Hey, Google, play the news,” your phone, tablet, or speaker will give you a voice summary of the news, like a podcast made specifically for important events happening around the world. But where and how does it choose the source to draw on?


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Or, more specifically, your configuration options.

Although, out of the box, Google Assistant is configured with certain news organizations that it attracts, developers have allowed customization of those sources. This is a nice feature, especially if you have a favorite news source.

You’ll find several categories to choose from, including general, technology, business, sports, world, entertainment, politics, science, health, art and lifestyle, national and local. Within each category, there are various sources to choose from The list isn’t exhaustive (and local news could definitely use more sources), but you should find enough to get your news coverage out.

Let me show you how you can customize the news feed from Google Assistant.

How to customize your news feed

What you will need: All you need is an Android device that includes Google Assistant. I’ll make sure your device is fully updated, so you’re not only getting the best experience but also the added security that comes with updates. Fall too far behind and your device could become vulnerable.

That being taken care of, let’s add some sources.

First thing is to open the Settings app. You can do this by double-dragging the notification shade and tapping the gear icon at the bottom, or by locating and tapping the Settings launcher in the app drawer.

Next, locate and tap Apps

App entry in Android settings.

You should find Apps near the top of the Settings page.

Screenshot by Jack Wallen/ZdNet

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From the Apps page, find the Assistant entry and tap on it.

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You’ll find Assistant under the General category.

Screenshot by Jack Wallen/ZdNet

The next step in your journey is to locate and tap on you.

Screenshot by Jack Wallen/ZdNet

That said you can’t find yourself in the digital divide…

Jack Wallen/ZDNet

On the results page, tap News.

Screenshot by Jack Wallen/ZdNet

All news worth hearing.

Jack Wallen/ZDNet

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On the News page, tap Add Show at the top. You will then be taken to the source page, where you can scan through all the categories and lists When you find a source you like, tap the star icon to add it. Continue doing this until you have added all the sources you want. When you’re done, tap Done.

Industry and lifestyle news section.

You will find plenty of sources to choose from.

Screenshot by Jack Wallen/ZdNet

Finally, you can sort the news sources to put your favorites at the top. To move a source, grab the move handle to the left of the source and drag it up or down Continue this until you get the order you want.

A sample list of news sources for Google Assistant

It’s as easy as tapping and dragging your sources

Screenshot by Jack Wallen/ZdNet

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Congratulations, you’ve just customized the news sources that Google Assistant will use when you say, “Hey, Google, run the news” So you get only the news you love, read aloud by Android.

And who says we’re not getting closer to the singularity?

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