Hulu launches password-sharing crackdown: What happens if you get caught

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Hulu streaming service

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Following in the footsteps of Disney+, Hulu has launched its own crackdown on password sharing.

In an email to customers Wednesday, the Disney-owned company notified users of a change in its terms of service — a change specifically related to password sharing.

“We’re adding restrictions on sharing your account outside of your family,” the message reads, “and explaining how we can assess your compliance with these restrictions.”

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Unless otherwise permitted by your service level, Hulu says, users can’t share their subscription outside of their household — meaning the collection of devices associated with a primary personal residence. In short, if they’re not in your home, they can’t use your subscription.

The new user agreement also states that customers cannot “impersonate or misrepresent your affiliation with any person or entity,” meaning you can’t use someone’s login information without their knowledge.

The changes will be effective immediately for new customers, but existing customers will have until March 14 to comply. Although the company has been around since 2007, it has not yet outright banned password sharing.

What if you still share your password? Hulu added that accounts will be analyzed to determine if they are sharing, and if so, that account may be suspended or terminated.

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Hulu is the latest streaming service to implement an anti-password sharing policy. Disney+ and Netflix both introduced similar rules last year. And despite fears that the crackdown would drive away subscribers, for Netflix, at least, the move has worked in its favor, resulting in a big increase in new subscriptions.

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