How to disable private results in Google Search on Android for more privacy

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Google Search’s personalized results include things that some might consider an invasion of privacy, such as autocomplete predictions from your search history, recommendations for you based on your Google Account activity, and personalization based on things like “my flight” and “directions home.” Information from “” Google Maps.

Personal results options have been around for some time on you Web accountBut only coming to Android in 2021. A silver lining is that when these private results are used, they don’t just appear on top of the web listings in your search, but only for you.

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So, why would you want to disable a feature geared toward personalizing your Google searches? Primarily because you don’t want a third party tracking you. Of course, that’s not to say it’s necessarily a bad thing that Google is working to offer search results tailored to your wants and needs.

Let me try an analog comparison. Imagine you have two options for a significant other. The first option means that the person knows nothing about you and cannot learn anything about you, and the interaction you share with that person is very impersonal. Alternatively, you have a significant other who knows and knows more about you. Interaction with that person is based on understanding what you like, who you are and what you need.

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In your personal, non-digital life, the latter option sounds much more appealing. But we are talking about a person, not a company. And with Google Personal Results, you have a third-party company that tracks your behavior, learns from it, and adjusts the results it shows you.

If you want to disallow this behavior on your mobile device, show me how.

Warning for disabling personal results

Before you disable the feature, I thought you might want to know what you’ll lose if you do By turning off Personal Results, you will no longer receive personalized auto-complete predictions (based on your trends and history), personalized answers (for location, reminders, reservations, meetings, etc.) and recommendations (such as where to see movies or nearby restaurants). ).

If you’re okay with losing these options, continue reading.

How to disable personal results

What you will need: All you need is an Android phone with an updated version of the OS I’ll be demonstrating this on my Pixel 8 Pro, but the feature is available for non-Pixel phones. The difference is how you access the setting. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to access the feature on Pixel phones, so I’ll demonstrate the method that should work on most Android phones.

The first step is to open the Google app, which can be found in your app drawer. It should be a launcher with a familiar “G” logo labeled as, you guessed it, Google

Android app drawer showing Google app launcher.

You can also access Google apps on Pixel phones by swiping right on the home screen.

Screenshot by Jack Wallen/ZdNet

On the resulting page, tap your profile icon in the top right corner.

The top of the Google app in Android 14.

Of course, your profile icon will look different from mine.

Screenshot by Jack Wallen/ZdNet

From the pop-up menu, tap Settings.

Settings list in the Google app menu.

Settings are exactly where you thought they might be

Screenshot by Jack Wallen/ZdNet

From the new page, tap on Personal Results.

Personal results list on the Google App Settings page.

You are going to get personal results on/off switch access

Screenshot by Jack Wallen/ZdNet

Finally, tap the On/Off slider for Personal Results until it is in the Off position. Once you’re done, you can return to the Google app.

Google Personal Results On/Off Slider.

Remember that if you don’t like how this feature changes your searches, you can always re-enable it

Screenshot by Jack Wallen/ZdNet

At this point, you have disabled private results in the Google app on your Android phone. It may take you a while to notice the difference, but you’ll eventually find that your Google searches aren’t appropriate for your history, location, time of day, and more.

If you value your privacy, you may want to disable this feature.

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