Google’s Pixel Watch camera app has got a new feature that you’re going to love

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Google Pixel Watch 2

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One of the most underrated features of the Google Pixel Watch just got a little better.

The ability for users to control their Pixel phone’s camera with their Pixel Watch is a handy — but limited — feature. Using the Camera app on a paired Google Watch, users can take a photo from their phone without touching it — perfect for situations where you want a photo but no one is there to take it.

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There are options to toggle between the front and rear cameras and add a three-second timer to zoom in or out, but that’s it. If you want another camera mode, you need to switch the mode on your phone.

This has now changed thanks to the latest update to the Pixel Watch Camera app. Now, the Camera app is divided into three sections: Camera, Modes, and Timer.

The camera section enables users to flip between cameras, zoom in and out, and take a photo — nothing new. But the Modes section adds the ability to flip between the camera’s various photo modes, including Night Sight, Portrait, Video, Slow Motion and Time-Lapse. Timer now adds the option to choose from a three-second or ten-second timer, or disable the timer entirely.

The new features add a few extra taps to the process of taking a photo, but they add some pretty significant functionality. This could be especially useful on the Pixel Fold, which will be able to stand on its own to take photos.

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You’ll have access to the new camera options if you have version 9.2 of the Pixel Watch Camera app, which is available to both Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2 users.

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