Google’s new colors for the Pixel 8 series surprised me in the best way

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Mint Pixel 8 on top of a green notebook.

Max Buondonno/ZDNET

Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro are two of the best Android smartphones you can buy With a plethora of intelligent features powered by AI, some of the best cameras on the market, beautiful designs, fast performance and all-day battery life, it’s hard to find fault with any of these devices, even as we head into 2024. Many new handsets are on the horizon.

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But here’s an interesting question: What if you don’t like the existing colors? Maybe the Hazel, Obsidian, and Rose of the Pixel 8 aren’t for you, or the Bay, Obsidian, and Porcelain of the 8 Pro are just unappealing. Maybe what you’re looking for is something new, something fresh, something…mint.

At the expense of making this article sound like an old-school television commercial, that’s exactly what you’re getting here! Google has announced a new Mint colorway for the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, I check one out below and here’s everything you need to know about it.

Box for Mint Pixel 8.

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Google Pixel 8 in Mint

The latest Pixel phone gets a mid-year refresh with a pastel green, mint color.

Yes, it’s definitely mint

One look at the new Pixel 8 and you’ll immediately see just how much of a punch it is. Google did an excellent job of balancing how saturated the green shade would be while keeping it light and fresh. The color reminds me of the green iPhone 11 if the color was a bit lighter.

Mint Pixel 8 in front of a green tree.

Max Buondonno/ZDNET

As Google wanted to build some hype around the new colorways, they sent out huge press box members to reveal the new phones and threw out some goodies. I was sent the standard Pixel 8 press box which got me a green notebook to jot down my thoughts, a green Anker wall adapter and a small pamphlet to celebrate Mint’s release. I heard through the grapevine that people who got the Pixel 8 Pro press box also got actual mint, which I’m very jealous of.

Inside the press box for the Mint Pixel 8.

Max Buondonno/ZDNET

I should note that if you order the Pixel 8 or 8 Pro at Mint, you’ll only get the standard packaging with no goodies. It’s a bit annoying, but on the bright side, you don’t have to worry about breaking this huge mint-colored box.

How it compares to other green phones

Comparison between Mint Pixel 8, Pixel 6a, OnePlus 11 and Hazel Pixel 8.

Max Buondonno/ZDNET

I had a few green phones lying around my desk that I thought I’d compare to the mint Pixel 8 and it stood out the most. Here it is next to the Sage Pixel 6a (far left), the Eternal Green OnePlus 11 (second left), and the Hazel Pixel 8 (far right). Mint is easily the most pleasing of the bunch, while the most premium colorway goes to the OnePlus.

Mint Pixel 8 display on top of a green notebook.

Max Buondonno/ZDNET

Outside of the new colors, the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro remain unchanged. You still get gorgeous 6.2-inch and 6.7-inch displays with 120Hz refresh rate and 2,000+ nits brightness, Tensor G3 chip, sharp camera with industry-best post-processing, big battery with fast charging, beautiful design, and seven years of Android updates.

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In fact, the only thing that changes is with the next feature I just mentioned. Along with the new mint color, Google is also revealing the next feature drop for Pixel users. The update will finally allow Pixel 8 Pro owners to read a person’s temperature by scanning their forehead with the temperature sensor on the back. It also has Circle to Search which debuted on the Galaxy S24 series, Photomoji to use AI to transform your photos into messages responses and Magic Compose to automatically create relevant responses to messages.

The new Mint Pixel 8 and 8 Pro are available starting today only Google’s online store and Google Fi. If you live in Chelsea or Williamsburg, New York City, or even Mountain View, CA, you can pick one up at Google’s physical retail store. They’re keeping prices the same, with the Pixel 8 starting at $699 and the 8 Pro starting at $999.

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