Google Maps for Android has added a feature that its iOS version has had for years

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A feature that has been part of Google Maps on iOS for years is finally coming to Android.

If you use Google Maps for navigation, you’ll soon notice that current weather information is included. The feature isn’t on all devices yet, but it’s on the way

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In the Google Maps app, a small box appears in the upper left corner of the screen below the search bubble for things like restaurants, parks, and gas. The box shows the current temperature, air quality and weather conditions. If inclement weather such as rain is expected, an estimated time is shown.

When you tap the box, more information is shown, including high and low temperatures for the day, a 12-hour forecast, and a “feeling” temperature (basically the top half of the Google Weather widget on Pixel phones). Tapping again on air quality information shows an overall map of the surrounding area (similar to existing wildfire map levels), as well as guidelines for outdoor activities and when the AQI (Air Quality Index) was last updated.

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Moving around the map updates the weather button to reflect the data for where you’re looking. Selecting something on the map or dropping a pin makes the button disappear.

Weather on Google Maps has been tricking Android users for months now, but it’s available on a much larger scale today. You need to be on the latest version of the app to get the weather button.

The Maps app has been a focus of Google of late. Last week Google announced that Maps will get an AI boost that will help users more easily find new places with queries like “places with a vintage vibe in SF.” Early last year, an immersive scene rolled out.

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