Google is making it much easier to share passwords with your family members

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While password-sharing crackdowns are all the rage these days, there are still times when you need to share login information with someone in your household. Maybe it’s to check your child’s homework app or make a payment — there are many times when a family member needs access to this sensitive information.

Google today announced that users will soon be able to share login details with their connected families using the Password Manager app.

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The feature was launched as part of Safer Internet Day, which Google says is an initiative to encourage children to have safe, healthy relationships with technology. But it’s easy to see that it will have far-reaching effects.

When accessing a saved password through the Google Password Manager app, a small “Share” button will appear at the bottom right Tapping that button will bring up a list of connected family members. When you select a password to send, you will be asked to confirm your selection. If you do, that login and password will become a part of their password manager, allowing them to either auto-fill or view the information to log in manually.

Unlike some third-party password managers, there’s no way to share passwords with anyone not connected to your Google Family account.

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Password sharing is not available right now, but as Google has officially announced it, this feature should be available soon. Password sharing joins several other features that are part of the Google Family app, including parental controls, shared payment methods, shared Google One storage, shared notes and calendars, and shared content purchases.

Today’s announcement includes streamlined safe search settings for users under 18, as well as simplified access to parental controls — parents who are already logged in can search for “parental controls” on Google to access the accounts they supervise.

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