Gmail on Android’s new chat-like redesign makes it easier to reply to all your emails

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If you’ve ever skipped replying to an email because you didn’t have time to type a full response, a new Gmail redesign for Android can help.

In the new Gmail design, currently in testing, you’ll be able to reply to an email as you read it — without clicking into another window.

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Currently, replying to an email involves scrolling down to the bottom of the message, choosing from Reply, Reply All or the Forward buttons at the bottom, and typing a response (or using one of the emoji responses rolled out last month).

But a new UI redesign introduces a chat-like interface that makes responding easier and faster. Instead of the traditional reply button, the new design features a chat-style bubble below the message.

There are options to choose the type of reply (reply, reply all or forward) and edit recipients as well as a small send button to the right of the bubble and a paperclip button to the left for attaching files. Tapping the bubble opens a full keyboard for typing a response. The original email is shown above the button if you want to reference it.

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If you want to go back to the traditional interface, it can be easily expanded by tapping the arrow to the right of the bubble.

It was just a few months ago that Google launched a “Help Me Write” feature for Gmail that actually uses AI to compose an email. Like other AI chat programs, it asks a prompt of what you want the message to say and displays a response.

The redesign hasn’t gotten a wide rollout yet (it wasn’t available on the two devices I tested), and Google hasn’t mentioned a timeline for a full rollout. Once it is fully deployed, Quick Response will be the default option.

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