Get Rosetta Stone and 1,000+ bonus e-courses for just $190 right now

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Learn 24 languages ​​now for just $190.


Gone are the days when going back to school was the only route to new knowledge. Now, apps on our phones and online courses on our computers bring a wealth of information right at our fingertips

Whether you are looking for Study a new language or dive deep into a new subject or hobbyThis exclusive bundle offers you lifelong learning opportunities. Access Rosetta Stone and StackSkills Unlimited eCourses for $190 when you use the code rosetta at checkout

Rosetta Stone: Study 24 Languages

Rosetta Stone’s interactive software is designed to help you not only read and write, but practice your speaking skills with advanced speech-recognition technology that helps you improve your pronunciation and pronunciation.

Lessons have a conversational focus to teach you practical things like greetings, shopping and ordering in restaurants. Once you’re ready, you’ll move on to more advanced language skills like sharing opinions and discussing pop culture.

This lifetime subscription includes full access to the 24 available languages ​​and the ability to switch between them at any time. Want to work towards fluency in Spanish or German? Or learn greetings at all 24? You choose your learning goals and schedule.

StackSkills Unlimited: 1,000+ eCourses

StackSkills, StackSocial’s e-course platform, offers over 1,000 courses and new ones are added regularly. You’ll find courses on hot trends like ChatGPT, AI, and Cybersecurity and other topics like business, finance, marketing, graphic design, and more.

While these courses don’t award you with a formal college degree or certificate, they can be a way to jump into a new hobby, add skills to your resume, build your art or coding portfolio, or work toward personal growth.

Selling for just $190 with code, you’ll always have something new to learn with this exclusive bundle. rosetta.

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