Get a ChatGPT e-degree now for $30

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Study ChatGPT and Automation for only $30.


ChatGPT and automation tools The Internet is taking over, and working life as we know it. As these relatively new technologies begin to dominate headlines and meetings, people around the world are trying to figure out how to get to the cutting edge of their evolution.

An educational resource designed to help with just that — this ChatGPT and Automation e-degree course is on sale for just $30.

This course bundle is taught by instructors from Eduonix Learning Solutions. The e-degree program itself is made up of 25 hours of content across 12 lectures that users can access indefinitely after purchase.

The content goes into practical applications and how to explore real-world scenarios with tools like ChatGPT and automation technologies available today.

The content is designed to address how an individual can apply skills through chatbots or automation tools in professional life, and goes into the art of customization with tailoring ChatGPT’s system to meet the unique needs of a given job, project or company.

In addition to offering interesting techniques for turning raw data into compelling visual narratives with ChatGPT or any automation tools at your disposal, the content also looks at how you can use AI to boost creativity and discover new ways to create and execute projects.

Designed to explore where AI and data visualization meet, this course bundle comes with a certificate of completion to get the most out of these tools and advance your career.

hold this ChatGPT and Automation e-Degree Course Now on sale for just $30.

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