FireFox 120 will be available for download tomorrow. Here’s what’s new and improved

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If you’re a fan of the open-source web browser, Firefox, you’ll be happy to know that a new release will be available for installation that will give the browser a privacy bump as well as several improvements.

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First, you’ll find a new website privacy preferences option labeled “Tell websites not to sell or share my data” within Privacy & Security.

Firefox 120 new privacy features.

The new Firefox privacy and security features will go a long way in protecting your privacy.

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According to Mozilla, Global Privacy Control (GPC) is used to automatically notify websites not to sell or share information about your browsing session on that website. Click Learn More and you’ll learn that “GPC operates as a ‘do not sell’ mechanism in some US states such as California, Colorado and Connecticut. It may also be used to indicate targeted advertising or general opt-outs. In addition to those jurisdictions Request to restrict the sale or sharing of your personal data in jurisdictions such as the EU, UK, Nevada, Utah, and Virginia.

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Other new features available in Firefox 120 include:

  • Ubuntu Linux users now have the ability to import data from Chromium installed via Snap.
  • Users can now use a new devtool feature to keep browser tabs offline
  • Firefox now imports TLS trust anchors (such as certificates) from the operating system root store. This feature will be enabled by default on Windows, MacOS and Android and can be disabled in Preferences > Privacy & Security > Certificates.
  • Added keyboard shortcut to edit/delete a certificate About: Login.
  • Support for copy links without site tracking, which removes all site tracking data from a link after copying.
  • The cookie banner blocker is enabled by default in the private window for all users in Germany
  • URL tracking protection is enabled by default
  • Along with improvements to Private Window, ETP-protects user privacy with strict privacy configurations that enhance fingerprinting security.
  • Picture-in-picture mode has been improved and a new corner-snapping feature has been added for Linux and Windows versions.

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Although the release announcement is now official, the new version won’t be available to download until November. 21, 2023, when you will be able to download it Official Firefox site.

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