Every Apple buyer should know this Black Friday gift card trick for free money

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We’re going to do some math — a lot — but I’ll help you figure it out. Right now, Best Buy is bundling a $15 gift card when you buy one $100 Apple Gift Card. Retailers do this virtually every year because even the most cursory market research suggests that people love Apple products, and gift cards make great gifts for the indecisive.

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But whether you’re buying yourself an Apple product this holiday season or another significant purchase, here’s why you should grab Best Buy’s gift card deals (and as many as you’ll need) before heading to the Apple Store.

The premise is simple: By stacking gift cards, you can pay off your Apple product while earning an additional $15 for every $100 gift card earned from Best Buy. So, if you buy two $100 Apple gift cards, you’ll get $30 worth of Best Buy credit to spend. Create ideas?

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All of these of course have rules and limitations. Best Buy only allows you to buy one gift card within a certain time frame, which means you can’t just check out with ten and call it a day. Instead, I found two errors: 1) using different emails and 2) buying a digital version And A physical version with each email. It will take some effort, but once you’ve collected your gift cards, here’s how the math works when you shop at Apple…

If you buy…

You will need…

And come…

$999 iPhone 15 Pro

10x $100 Apple Gift Cards

$150 worth of Best Buy credit

$599 iPad Air

6x $100 Apple Gift Cards

$90 worth of Best Buy credit

$399 Apple Watch Series 9

4x $100 Apple Gift Cards

$60 worth of Best Buy credit

Basically, if you play this right, you’ll pay the same amount you’d normally pay at an Apple Store while making a profit. Best credit credit Spend it on a new case and USB-C charging cable for your iPhone 15, a keyboard cover for your new iPad or a sweet tech deal this Black Friday.

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