Europe gears up for future pandemics with AI-powered “PAIR” project

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The new EU-funded five-year project PAIR has just started in Copenhagen involving 20 partners from 7 countries. Ensuring that Europe has the expertise and capacity for advanced point-of-care systems and prognostic models based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has been the biggest global shock in decades, claiming millions of lives and ravaging the global economy.

This pandemic has shown the dramatic effects of epidemics and pandemics. It also highlights the need for transparent, faster and better-informed decisions in terms of preparedness and responsiveness. Technologies and modeling that can provide fast, reliable and cost-effective information are essential for good decision-making and maintaining public trust.

PAIR will address pandemic preparedness by launching two innovative interacting tools: PANPOC and PANRISK.

PANPOC is a POC instrument for the rapid detection of respiratory RNA viruses with epidemic potential in human, animal and environmental samples.

PANRISK is an AI/ML-based model that processes field data from freely accessible online resources and proprietary partner results.

It can thus assess epidemic risk based on spatial occurrence (geographic mapping), temporal occurrence patterns and temporal evolution of viruses (genetic surveillance, bioinformatics analysis).
Both tools were selected to meet the comprehensive requirements for a European One Health genomic-informed surveillance and outbreak response model..

Pair tools (PANPOC and PANRISK) will be implemented and validated by veterinary and clinical end users in Denmark, France, Latvia, Italy and Spain.

“Covid has made us realize how important it is to adopt a one health approach to global health,” he states Kirsten Thurey Kirkby, PAIR project coordinator. “This approach addresses the needs of the most vulnerable populations in their broader context. With PAIR, we aim to move in this direction by enhancing preparedness and response with better decision-making. Through improved modeling, we will enable greater coordination across regions and countries. , and thus a pandemic response.” Addresses identified weaknesses.”

To support the PAIR project in pioneering efforts towards a more effective pandemic response, ICONS will ensure that the right people learn about and adopt innovations – be they technical or social – in the right way,” said Ani Austrian, Project Manager Officer at ICONS, an Italian organization that Specializing in science communication and social and business innovation“, said Ani Austrian, Project Manager Officer at ICONS.

The PAIR project in coordination with the University of Copenhagen runs from January 2024 to December 2028.

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