Don’t buy an Apple Vision Pro headset without this important accessory

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Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro was announced on June 5, 2023.

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Placing a new pre-order Apple Vision Pro But feel like skimping on AppleCare+ coverage?

Think again!

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At this time people AppleInsider Digging through Apple’s website and came across a service and repair page for the new Vision Pro headset, and even an eye-watering cost to replace a screen.

Two repair costs are listed. The first is for a cracked cover glass, and the estimated repair cost here is $799 The other listing is for “other damage” and the estimated repair bill here is $2,399 – note that a new Vision Pro ranges from $3,499 to $3,899 depending on storage, so this estimate is a large fraction of the total cost of a new unit.

Not much less than the price of the new Vision Pro

Not much less than the price of the new Vision Pro

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes/ZDNet

With AppleCare+, the cost is reduced to $299 per incident, but you have to consider that AppleCare+ itself is going to add $499 to the total cost of your Vision Pro.

This means your first repair cost is $798

Repairing yourself with Vision Pro Repair Specialists can be a nightmare I fixed it As far as I can tell it will not only be repairable, but probably not even openable given all the screws, glue and calibration required after any repair.

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“Given Apple’s reluctance to share calibration software outside of their official repair network, this doesn’t bode well for home repairers. In the worst case, even just taking the unit apart and putting it back together again can be enough to render it unusable, though.” Every part is still functional,” wrote Charlie Sorrell on the iFixit blog

I don’t expect this product to be part of Apple’s self-repair program anytime soon.

Besides AppleCare+, I’d like to get a case for it as well. I’m not sure how strong Apple’s $199 travel case Chances are, but protecting your Vision Pro from being dropped or sitting when it’s not on your face is better than nothing. For a less expensive option, try Spigen’s $90 Clasden Pouch CaseThere’s even a dedicated slot to store an Apple AirTag

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