Creative Christmas Gifts for Kids (With Stocking Stuffer Ideas!)

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At Christmas time our family focuses on Christmas joy and service activities. But that doesn’t mean we don’t give holiday gifts too! These gift ideas for kids are perfect for Christmas, birthdays, or any other time you need a special gift for kids.

If you’re looking for an age-appropriate gift to add to the wish list this holiday season, look no further.

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Gift Guide for Kids of All Ages

It can be difficult to find unique gifts for young children that meet my standards. I don’t want to spend money on something that will destroy instantly. And I like to use more natural and eco-friendly ingredients as much as possible.

Over the years I have compiled a list of great gifts that my kids love. From 2 year olds to 10 year olds to teenagers, you will definitely find something in this list that your kids will love. The best toys are not always trending, but rather those that encourage creativity, imagination and fun.

You’ll also see lots of gifts that encourage mobility (great for kids who love playfulness!). According to my 6-year-old, we have built an “epic” backyard. You will see some of the items we carry (like slacklines) in the listings below.

I’ve divided baby toys and gifts by age, but these are just general guidelines. Maybe your child hasn’t been in the kitchen yet and wants to learn how Cook real food. Or maybe your gifted 5-year-old is drawn to the Rubik’s Cube. And don’t forget the stocking stuffers!

Gifts for Teens, Teens and Older Children

  1. Buddha Board – A comfortable way of painting with only water (it evaporates and you can paint again).
  2. archery set – My kids have loved these GBG archery sets and these sets are made by kids for kids. There are some helpful videos on their website too!
  3. leather journal – A beautiful leather journal for sketching or journaling.
  4. japanese puzzle box – These beautiful puzzle boxes are a unique way for older children to keep valuable items safe and are fun to learn about.
  5. Rubik’s Cube – Called the 1980s, but we told them we were having a Rubik’s Cube. Older children love learning to solve this retro puzzle.
  6. star wars lego Sets – These building toys are popular with older children and teens, who have dozens of options to choose from.
  7. Build Your Own Programmable Robot Kit -This building kit was my oldest’s favorite. Build a robot and program it!
  8. adult coloring books – Coloring is not just for little kids anymore. These “adult coloring books” are very detailed and studies show that coloring is relaxing.
  9. Boogie board – Reusable board that encourages doodling and drawing.
  10. To light up – An affordable tablet with lots of capabilities.
  11. runaway alarm clock – Does your teen have trouble staying awake? This alarm clock runs away and keeps making noise until it is caught!
  12. natural makeup brushes – If your teen is old enough to do makeup, these natural brushes are great!
  13. power cube wall adapter – Surge protector that charges multiple devices simultaneously.
  14. collapsible duffel bag -Great bag for short trips that folds down to a small size unlike some bulky backpacks.
  15. Minnetonka Chrissy Boots (for teen girls) – Super comfortable shoes she’ll be excited to see under the Christmas tree!
  16. cash in one Money Maze Puzzle Box – Give money so they can get what they want, but make it fun by hiding it inside this puzzle cube.
  17. no crease ponytail holder – These are really popular right now. They are gentle on the hair and don’t leave any frizz! or i hear that scrunchies And banana clip Are back in style!
  18. travel hammock – Do you have any outside teenagers? These travel swings collapse small and are wonderful. They are also quite popular on some college campuses.
  19. Become a Beekeeper Course: it’s a wonderful thing Introduction to Beekeeping Course, This course will teach them everything from buying bees to collecting honey.
  20. backpack bag (Also called Cornhole) – This is always a fun game for the backyard. Whether you have guests over or it’s just the two of you, this has been a family favorite in our house.
  21. slack line – Like a balance beam and trampoline in one. It encourages balance, gross motor skills and coordination. It is also a time for hours of fun.
  22. ninjalin – Like monkey bars but harder. Many people use these for ninja warrior training, but our kids just think it’s fun!
  23. – Do your children want to learn another language? This is a fun way to do this at home and is great for kids of all ages – even little ones!

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