ChatGPT with AR with AI is now available on Apple Vision Pro

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Apple Vision Pro in hand

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One of the biggest names in artificial intelligence is joining one of the biggest names in mixed reality, as OpenAI has released a VisionOS ChatGPT app for Apple Vision Pro.

inside A post announcing the app on XOpenAI showed a video of a user asking the ChatGPT browser “Explain superconductors like I was five years old” and getting a simplified answer.

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At first, it might seem a bit redundant: coming up with an app that has no 3D aspect and is essentially a text-based platform whose entire focus is 3D and augmented reality. Like the mobile version of the app, the Vision Pro version allows users to voice their questions and answers, but it’s just as interactive.

While ChatGPT allows users to create images, create unique content, get advice and solve problems, it doesn’t have any applications that will be unique to the world of Vision Pro — yet, at least.

But it’s interesting to think about what AI and AR together mean for the future. In addition to talking and conversing with AI, imagine sending an image directly from your field of vision. You can look at the ingredients in your pantry and ask the AI ​​to create a recipe using those ingredients or explain a tough homework problem to your child — think a beefed-up version of Google Lens.

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Vision Pro may not have much use for specific ChatGPT for now, but with companies like Google already coming up with AI generative video, generative immersive video isn’t hard to beat.

The ChatGPT app is now available from the VisionOS App Store.

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