ChatGPT Plus users can now add relevant GPTs to their chats – here’s how

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Specifying a custom GPT

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/ZDNET

Since launching earlier this month, OpenAI’s ChatGPT Store has attracted thousands of custom GPT chatbots, many with unique and useful capabilities. Now, you can mention any of these GPTs in a casual chat as a way to tap into their personal skills.

X, aka Twitter, in a Monday post on OpenAI New feature announced Saying: “You can now bring GPT into any conversation in ChatGPT — just type @ and select GPT. This allows you to add GPT relevant to the entire context of the conversation.”

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For example, you might be involved in a conversation with ChatGPT about a film and want help or information from a film-related GPT. Typing the @ symbol followed by the word “film” displays a list of custom GPTs matching that word. You can then select the GPT you want to launch and it will join the conversation.

Like the Custom GPT feature, the ability to specify GPT is only available to paid ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise customers. But if you’re subscribed, here’s how to try it out.

Sign in your ChatGPT home page And click the link at the top of the left sidebar to explore GPTs. Browse through the various GPTs in the store and try a few that interest you, especially those dedicated to your favorite subjects. As for me, film is one of my favorite fields.

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If you like a particular GPT, you can pin it to the sidebar so it’s readily available To do this, click on the name of the GPT above and select the “Place in Sidebar” menu option. That GPT will then always be visible in the sidebar.

After you’ve checked out and pinned a few GPTs, go back to the home page and start a conversation with ChatGPT Type the @ symbol, and a list of recent and pinned GPTs will appear. Select the GPT you want to use and it will add its knowledge and information to your conversation.

ChatGPT Plus Custom GPT

Call a custom GPT to add to your conversation.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/ZDNET

As the GPT store grows, it will likely become more challenging to find and use specific custom GPTs The goal behind the new Mentions feature is to provide quick and easy access to relevant and useful GPTs that can enhance any conversation.

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