Bluesky is finally open to the public – no invitation required

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Open Bluesky app on iPhone

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Before the thread, there was Bluesky. As Twitter, now X, began losing users, Bluesky invitations became a sought-after product. The decentralized social media network initially rolled out in a test phase, gradually providing access to more users to improve the protocol’s user experience. now, Bluesky is ready For wide use and open to the public.

Bluesky was announced in late 2019 by then-Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, to create a decentralized standard for social media and has grown to more than 3 million users. Like Mastodon, Bluesky is an online platform that distributes ownership and control of user data to users.

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“Over the past year, we’ve been positioning ourselves to make sure things like the underlying infrastructure and moderation capabilities are built in. Now, we’re almost ready,” said Bluesky CEO Jay Graber. Business Insider. “Later this month, we’re opening federations and opening third-party labeling, allowing people to run moderation services. So those are things that have taken a little more time.”

Being a decentralized social media network means it addresses common criticisms plaguing traditional social media networks, including concerns about platform monopoly and data control like X. The openness of it all means that users can create other platforms on the same network and others can join and bring them the same followers and keep their post history.

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“A big part of our design philosophy is to give users sensible default settings but give them the right to choose and leave,” Graber added. “Then, if they want to go to a deeper level and explore more of the custom options, they can dive in and choose and customize if they want.”

In December, Grabber announced that Bluesky posts would be accessible to anyone without logging in or having an account.

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