BioEcho introduces EchoLUTION™ FFPE RNA Kit for superior RNA extraction from FFPE tissues

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Bioeco Life Sciences, a leading provider of innovative molecular biology solutions, announced the launch of Ecolution FFPE RNA Kit, offering researchers a simplified protocol and higher RNA quality for their studies. Extracted RNA is ready for use in RT-qPCR, providing reliable results.

Image Credit: Bioeco Life Sciences

Performance has been shown to improve in RNA-seq, including identifying more unique mappers and gene counts. This opens up new possibilities for transcriptomic studies and enhances the understanding of complex biological processes. Beyond the technical benefits, the Ecolution FFPE RNA kit offers environmental benefits: it is committed to reducing its environmental footprint by minimizing the amount of plastic waste and hazardous reagents.

“We are thrilled to introduce the EchoLUTION FFPE RNA Kit to the scientific community,” announced Dr. Thomas Newman, Chief Commercial Officer and President of Bioeco, Inc. “This innovative solution not only simplifies the RNA extraction process but also provides higher quality RNA for downstream applications. We believe this kit will contribute to researchers’ ability to study disease and advances in the field of molecular biology.”

FFPE tissue samples are an invaluable data source for disease research. However, their analysis poses significant challenges due to the fixation and preservation procedures involved. Traditional workflows are tedious, time-consuming, and often require the use of hazardous reagents. Unlike traditional methods, which involve long incubations and multiple steps, the Ecolution FFPE RNA Kit allows for RNA extraction in a single step after tissue decrosslinking and paraffin removal. This not only saves valuable time but allows the RNA to flow through the purification matrix, making the process more streamlined and user-friendly.

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