Best Roomba Vacuums of 2024: Expert Tested and Reviewed

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iRobot Roomba Combo j9+ Features: Vacuum and mop at the same time Guaranteed to avoid pet accidents Auto-retract mopping system Four-stage cleaning system

The iRobot Roomba Combo j9+ is a two-in-one vacuum and mop that features a retractable mop head. The Combo J9+ will vacuum and mop until it reaches a carpet or rug. At that point, it will lift its retractable mop head to sit on top of the robot and vacuum only carpeted surfaces. Once it reaches a flooring surface that needs mopping, it will throw back its mop head and start the 2-in-1 cleaning again.

As the name suggests, the Combo j9+ uses the same technology as the j9+, so you can rest assured that you’re getting an intelligent and capable robot. The retractable arm technology is impressive — I’ve driven it in the dark, during the day, in odd shadows, and in all sorts of other situations, and it’s never rubbed off on carpet or rugs. It is a really intelligent machine.

The improvements that the Combo j9+ has made over its predecessor are major, and are what make it such a desirable robot. My absolute favorite feature is how cool it self-empties. To date, this may be the quietest self-emptying robot I’ve tested. The next best feature is related to Clean Base: the robot’s ability to automatically refill the cleaning solution. These two features make this combo machine an attractive option if you need a reliable two-in-one robot vacuum from iRobot.

Revaluation: Roomba Combo j9+ Review

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