Best robot vacuums of 2024: expert tested and reviewed

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Roomba j7+ fEating: Precision Vision Navigation | POOP Guarantee | Easy robot integration

The Roomba j7+ is one of my favorite robot vacuums to use around the house, whether on carpet, tile or rugs. After a few initial runs, the j7+ can map the layout of a house. Next, you can go to the iRobot app and choose your cleaning method. You can select which rooms you want to clean, in what order and how often you want to clean each room.

There aren’t many robot vacuums that I trust to remove pet hair from my carpet, but the J7+ is an exception to that rule. It gets the whole run of my house, and it does a great job on a variety of floor surfaces. What sets Roomba vacuums apart from others is intelligence. Using the j7+ Precision vision navigation Recognize and avoid common household items such as socks, ropes, shoes and pet waste.

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If you’re a new pet owner, iRobot’s POOP (Pet Owner Official Promise) guarantee will make you feel comfortable leaving your Roomba j7+ and pets in the same area. I love knowing that, no matter what my house looks like, I can send the j7+ in for cleaning and it won’t pick up anything it shouldn’t. Peace of mind is worth every single penny.

The Roomba j7+ lacks mopping capabilities, but it pairs nicely with the Brava Jet M6. The two iRobot products use the same technology to team up your vacuuming and mopping needs. I’ve tested both of these robots, so be sure to check out my full reviews.

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