Aspen Biosciences launches Pipeline, the program management software platform specifically for drug discovery. The groundbreaking ‘Pipeline’ Platform is now available for therapeutics development teams

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Aspen Biosciences, a leading provider of custom software, is excited to announce the launch of an integration, pipeline, drug discovery program management software platform for drug discovery companies.

Aspen Biosciences launched Pipeline, a program management software platform specifically for drug discovery.  Groundbreaking 'Pipeline' platform now available to therapeutics development teams

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Purpose-built to address the complex coordination of high-volume data management required in drug discovery efforts, Pipeline stands as a cornerstone for scientists. The platform streamlines an array of core tasks including target identification, protein production, assay management, as well as compound and biological registration. Beyond its operational capabilities, Pipeline provides insightful dashboards empowering team leaders with a comprehensive overview of program progress, potential bottlenecks, resource allocation and financial oversight.

Founder and CEO Mark Fortner, who has led biopharma informatics for more than two decades, commented, “Our intent with Pipeline was to create a path for research teams to dramatically increase their performance. Conceived and brought to life by scientists, the platform has already received enthusiastic feedback from our early reviewers

Embracing the pillars of the FAIR guidelines—traceability, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability—champions the standardization of scientific data at various stages of pipeline drug discovery projects.

The introduction of Pipeline marks a new era in Aspen Biosciences’ vision to unveil a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge software dedicated to supporting drug discovery.

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