Apple’s Vision Pro will launch with 600 new apps built just for the headset

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Apple Vision Pro Headset Demo WWDC

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Apple’s official countdown to its Vision Pro launch has begun on February 2, and the company has announced that more than 600 apps have already been developed for the mixed-reality headset. A wide range of applications — including productivity tools, streaming services, educational applications and games — raises optimism. Immediate release of Vision Pro.

Apple is bullish on the Vision Pro’s success — as bullish as the first round of customers to spend $3,500 on the premium headset. This success depends on the good turnout of dedicated developers who have already created more than 600 spatial apps and games designed specifically for the headset.

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Those spatial apps and games will be available in addition to the one million Vision Pro-compatible apps already available in the App Store.

“Apple Vision Pro is unlocking the imaginations of our global developer community, and we’re inspired by the range of spatial experiences they’ve created for this exciting new platform,” said Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. “With more than 600 new spatial experiences to explore in the all-new App Store, along with more than 1 million compatible apps across iOS and iPadOS, users can discover a wide range of apps that expand the boundaries of what’s possible.”

Apple Vision Pro countdown has a countdown to the official release of Apple Vision Pro

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“These incredible apps will change how we enjoy entertainment, music and games; spark our imaginations with new ways to learn and explore; unlock productivity like never before; and so much more,” added Prescott. “Developers are already capturing the promise of spatial computing, and we can’t wait to see what they create next.”

Apple Vision Pro immerses users in a virtual reality that they can control with gestures and voice. Apple markets the device as a major breakthrough for spatial computing: the headset expands productivity in an intuitive environment by enabling users to open files and apps side-by-side in a seemingly limitless way. Productivity apps built for Vision Pro include Box, Mindnode, Omniplan, Zoom, Microsoft 365, Webex, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Todoist, and more.

“The Apple Vision Pro is a huge step change in technology, just like the iPhone and iPad,” said Box co-founder and CEO Aaron Levy. “These technology advances introduce immersive experiences that fundamentally redefine the way we work by providing visually stunning interactions without physical limitations. From developing the next breakthrough product to reimagining the customer experience, the possibilities are endless.”

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The announcement also emphasizes sports and streaming apps; The wearer will feel as if they are looking at a 100-inch display, with each eye receiving a display resolution comparable to or greater than a 4K TV. Vision Pro features high-pixel density displays to render images and videos sharp, with fine details appearing crisp and clear.

“With the Max app for Apple Vision Pro, fans can reposition themselves using the Iron Throne Room environment for an immersive experience that brings viewers back to the iconic Red Keep,” said Casey Bloys, chairman and CEO of HBO and Max Content. “The intricate Targaryen-era decorations will make fans feel like they’re watching the programming available on Max in Westeros at the height of their reign.”

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In addition to the Max app, Apple Vision Pro will have Disney+, IMAX, Apple TV and Apple Music, Paramount+, Sling TV, NBC, CBS, Peacock and more spatial apps available in the App Store. Sports apps include the NBA app, MLB app, NBC Sports, ESPN, Red Bull TV, Fox Sports and PGA Tour Vision.

Vision Pro users can also have immersive experiences to discover new places, such as a virtual visit to the Natural History Museum, or take an in-depth look at the human anatomy using Insight Heart and CellWalk.

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No digital experience would be complete without adding online shopping; Companies like J.Crew and Mytheresa offer immersive shopping experiences, while Loe’s Style Studio and Wayfair Decorify leverage spatial computing for home design.

Gaming apps for Vision Pro include Apple Arcade, Blackbox, Void-X and more. Users can access Vision Pro apps for mindfulness and relaxation for Helium, Lungi, Odio and Endel.

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